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Module 7 unit 1

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Module 7 unit 1 There is a horse in this photo.

安乐镇育才小学 孟焕东

There is a

in this photo.

There is a horse in this photo.
It's running fast.

There is a sheep in this photo.
It's eating.

There are some ____in this photo.

Learn the text.
Listen and point. Listen, point and find “ There is”

her is riding are who under

1、There 3、She's

is a horse. It's running fast.

2、Who is the girl ? I can't see her face. riding a horse. 4、There are some nice photos here. 5、There is a girl under the tree.

? 1、向家人或朋友展示自己模仿课文的情况。 ? 2、试着结合本节课知识点 “there is/are” 描述周围事物。

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