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pep小学英语五年级上册第四单元第三课时read and write 优质课课件

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Part A Read and Write
中册镇徐李小学 刘俊玲

颜徐学校 王涛涛

Are you helpful at home? What can you do?

Listen and answer:

Who is ill?

Mother goat is ill.


? Who can help her?
?Learning tip小提示:
在阅读短文时我们可以根据自己所需要了解的信息快速 浏览,获取关键信息。

We can help her.

Mother goat is ill.


Finish the sentences:

sweep the floor (1)What can the monkey do ? He can_________________.
(2)What can the rabbit do ?She can __________________. wash the windows

cook the meals (3)What can Zip do ?she can _______________________.
water the flowers (4)What can zoom do ?He can __________________________. Learning tip ②(学习方法小提示): 在阅读时如需要寻找细节信息,应该放慢阅读速度, 在找到的关键信息处划线或做标记。

Zip: Mother Goat is ill. Monkey: We can help her. Zip: What can you do? Monkey: I can sweep the floor. Zip: I can cook the meals. Rabbit: I can wash the windows. Zip: What can you do, Zoom? Zoom: I can water the flowers! Zip: OK, just do it! Goat: Thank you. You’re helpful.

Exercise 1 Guess and match cook the meals sweep the floor water the flowers wash the windows

Exercise 2
Mother Goat is ill, The animals can help
her. What can they do? Monkey can sweep the floor . Zip can cook the meals . Rabbit can wash the windows . Zoom can water the flowers . They are helpful.

1.听.说.读.写四会句型:What can you do? I can sweep the floor. I can cook The meals. I can water the flowers. 2.听说认读句子:We can help her. Just do it .

★ 1. ★ ★ 2.

Talk about “I can ….” with your friends. Make a dialogue with each other , Using the sentences like “What can you do?”、“I can….”.

★ ★ ★ 3.

Please help your parents do the housework what you can do ?

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