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Unit 4
I have a pen pal
B Let’s learn

riding a bike playing the violin

riding a bike playing the violin

I like


He\She likes diving

collecting stamps playing football making kites

collecting stamps playing football making kites

I live in Beijing.


lives in Beijing.

I teach English.
A ,b,c …

He teaches English

I go to work by bus.

He goes to work by bus

I watch TV at night.

He watches TV at night

I read newspapers every day.

He reads newspapers every day


1. 一般现在时常以动词原形表示,但当主语 是第三人称单数时(he she it…),应用 动词的单数第三人称形式。 1)一般情况直接在单词后加s, 如:read—reads 2)以s、x、ch、sh和o结尾+es , 如:go—goes watch---watches teach---teaches 2. 一般疑问句 -----Does she/he\it…+动词原形…? -----Yes, she/he/it does. -----No, she/he/it doesn’t.

live go watch

in Beijing.

lives goes

in Shanghai.

to work on foot.

to work by car.

TV at night.

watches TV in the morning.


He teaches Chinese everyday. teach English everyday. She
Newspapers everyday.

reads Newspaper everyday.

to school by

bike .


to school by bike.

? ? ? ? ?

live------lives(居住,住) teach-----teaches(教) go-----goes(去) watch---watches(看) read---reads ( 读,看)

Bill’s day
teaches Bill is a teacher. He_ _ math. He goes _ to work by subway. He reads newspapers _ after lunch. He goes home at 5:30. He watches _ _ TV in the evening. He goes to bed at 10. _

at noon in the morning

at 9:00 p.m.

in the evening

1. Listen and repeat

2.Introduce your friend to your parents.

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