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Unit 4 I have a pan pal.
Part A Let’s talk

Studying aim
1.能够听、说、认读四会句子 What’s your hobby? I like collecting stamps. He likes collecting stamps. too 2.会用所学句子自编对话。



I like painting.

Swimming, swimming, I like swimming.


riding ,
diving ,

I like riding.
I like diving.

Playing, playing ,
Making, making ,

I like playing.
I like making.

Read quickly (快速朗读)

painting making kites Playing the violin Playing basketball Collectingastamps riding bike singing diving

What’s his hobby ? He likes singing. His hobby is singing.

What’s his

hobby ?

His hobby is playing basketball He likes playing basketball.

What’s her hobby ? Her hobby is diving She likes diving

Guiding 1: 请同学们朗读并翻 译课本47页的Let’s talk 部分,画出不会读,不 会翻译的内容(2分钟)

1.What’s John’ hobby? 2.What’s Wu Yifan’s hobby? 3.Is there a stamp show on Sunday?

Wu:What’s your hobby ? John: I like collecting stamps. What about you ? Wu: Me,too. There is a stamp show on Sunday . Let’s go together. John: I have a friend. He likes collecting stamps,too. ________________________

Can he go with us ? Wu: Sure.

Guiding 2: 请同学们以同桌为单 位,模仿本课Let’s talk的 形式,运用所学过的知识 自编对话,3分钟后抽组 展示。

当堂训练 1.I like drawing pictures.(对划线 部分提问)What___your____? 2.I have a friend.(变一般疑问句) —————— 3.I like ___(collect collecting). 4.They __(like likes)reading books. 5.Let’s__(to play play) football.

Let’s be an all-around student. 让我们做个全面发展的学生!.

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