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感恩节英文PPT demo

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American:the fourth Thursday in November 11月的第四个星期的星期四 Canada: the second Monday in October 10月的第二个星期的星期一

History of thanksgiving

In 1620,102 people sailed to America from Britain on the Mayflower. 1620年,102人乘坐五月花号船从英国来到北 美。

In first winter over half of them died of starvation or epidemics. 当年冬天来临时,半数人们饿死 或病死。

Then the Indians taught them how to fish, farm, and hunt. 后来印第安人教他们捕鱼、种 植、打猎。

In fall of 1621, they and Indians celebrated the good harvest and thank God. Then Thanksgiving Day comes into being. 次年秋天,清教徒和印第安人共同庆祝大丰收, 并感谢上帝。感恩节就这样形成了。

My pleasure!

My pleasure!

My pleasure!

Traditional foods 传统食物
Roast turkey 烤火鸡
Sweet potatoes 红薯 Pumpkin pie 南瓜派

What’s missing? 哪个不见了


Grateful to those who abandoned you ,because he taught you to be independed!

感激遗弃你的人, 因为他教会了你独立!

Grateful to those who hurt you ,because he steeled your mind.
感激伤害你的人, 因为他磨练了你 的心智!

Grateful to those who whipped you ,because he removed your shelter!
感激鞭打你的人, 因为他消除了你的屏障!

? ? ? ? ?

Say Say Say Say Say

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

to to to to to

your family! your teachers! your friends! the strangers! everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving day


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