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一、根据句意,用be动词 am is are填空 ? 1. There______ three books on the desk. ? 2. There______ a map and some pictures on the blackboard. ? 3. -- ______ there any library in your school? -- No, there______. ? 4. -- ______ there 52 students in your class? -- Yes, there______. ? 5. There ______ an English teacher in the room.

? 二、选择填空 ? 1. --Where is the teachers’ room? --_______ behind the library. A. They are B. There is C. It’s ? 2. --Are the students in class 9? --No, _______. A. it isn’t B. they aren’t C. they isn’t ? 3. --Where is Tom’s home? --______ home is next to the gym. A. His B. He C. Him ? 4. There are sixty-seven ______ in this picture. A. sheeps B. boxs C. dogs ? 5. In our school, we can play balls in the ______. A. dining hall B. computer room C. gym

? 6. There are ______ students in our class. A. fifty-two B. fivety-two C. fifty two ? 7. Are there ______ TVs in your classroom? A. some B. any C. many ? 8. --Where is the library? – It’s ______ the dining hall. A. behind B. next C. in front ? 9. ______ Sunday, I sometimes read some books. A. In B. On C. At ? 10.There are some _______ on the farm. A. apples trees B. apples tree C. apple trees

? 按实际情况回答问题 1、Is there a study in your house?

2、Do you have a garden in your house?
3. Are there any pictures in your living room? 4.How many bedrooms are there in your house? 5.What’s in your living room?

A.Picture B.map C.who D.bear E.How old F.telephone G.chair H.room ? ? ? ? ? ? Whose ______is it, Susan?It’s Janet’s. _____is Janet?she’s my cousin. _____is she ? She is five years old. Is there a ____on the wall? No ,there isn’t. But there is a ____on it. What’s in the room? There is a _____on the bed,there is a _____on the desk,and there is a _____in front of desk.

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