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Unit1 习题-深圳版小学英语四年级下册

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一: 英汉互译

1.how often _____________ 5.一周一次____________

2.good habits______________ 6.一日三次___________

3.eight times a week________ 7.整理书包__________

4.set the table______________ 8.洗盘子____________


( )1.. I finish my homework _______eight thirty in the evening.

A. in B. at C. on

( )2.I usually wash my clothes_______ Monday.

A. at B. in C. on

( )3.Tim and Pat __________talking about a class survey.

A. is B. are C. can

( )4.Bob _____good habits

A. has B. have C. having

( )5.She _________once a day

A brush her teeth B. wash her face C. combs her hair ( )6.KoKo is going to_________ at Pat's home

A. Stay B. stays C. staying

( )7.He _____the plants and ______the table once a week.

A. Water/set B. waters/sets C. water /set

( )8.Sam usually _______lunch at school

A. has B. have C. having


How often does...? Susan Candy Tom

wash her face 2/day 3/day 2/day

wash her hands 3/day 4/day 2/day

clean the house 4/week 1/week 1/week

Wash the dishes 1/week 6/week 5/week

1.Susan washes her face_________________________________________

2.Candy_________________________three times a day.

3.Susan_______________________four times a week.

4.Tom washes the dishes_____________________________________

5.Candy______________________________four times a day.

6.__________________________clean the house once a week.

7.Susan and Tom wash their faces______________________________


1. mother /in /is/tim's/ hospital ________________________________

2. usually /i/my/twice/brush/a /teeth/day___________________________ 3for/ it's / school /time/. ___________________________________

4.no/ there's/today/school/ ____________________________________ 五,模仿例句写出新的句子。

I /Tom /Candy /My sister

wash his face /sweep the floor /Comb her hair /Make the bed

once a day /three times a week /twice a day

1__________ sweep the floor once a day.

2________________ ___________________ _________________ 3________________ ___________________ _________________ 4________________ ___________________ _________________ 5________________ ___________________ _________________ 6________________ ___________________ _________________ 7________________ ___________________ _________________ 8________________ ___________________ _________________


I.look and write.(看一看,写一写)

1.Should not(缩写)________ 2.tooth(复数)________

3.wash (第三人称单数)_______ 4.beautiful(反义词)______

5.hot (反义词)________ 6.snowman(复数)________

7.polite(反义词)________ 8.get(现在分词)________

9.rain(形容词)__________ 10.sun(形容词)__________

IITrabslation .中英互译.

1.三好学生____________ 2.twice a day___________

3.有礼貌_____________ 4.walk in the corridors_____

5.看海报___________ 6.because____________

7.在冬天___________ 8.go camping_________

9.堆雪人___________ 10.ride a bike__________


1.She ______ (go)to school every day.

2.Pat ______(brush) her teeth _____(two)a day.

3.Look!The boy is ______(run) in the corridor.

4.You should _____(help) others.

5.Mary is ________(throw) the rubbish in the bin.

6.It is often_____(snow) in winter.

7.There are many ______(rule) in school.

8._______(no) be noisy.

9.Well _____(do),Mary.

10.Where _____(do) he _____(come)from?

VI.Choose .(选择题)

1.( )What is the weather ______ there ?

A look B like C at

2.( )She can _____kites.

A flys B is flying C fly

3.( ) I go to bed____9;30_____the morning.

A at; in B on ;in C in;at

4.( ) There is _____school today.

A some B any C no

5.( )You are ______of the______.

A student;year B Student ;Year C Student; year

6.( )______do you brush your teeth?Twice a day .

A How soon B How long C How often

7.( )It is time ____ bed.

A to B for C of

8.( ) There ____ rubbish on the floor.

A is some B are some C is any

9.( )Why do you want to go there?_____I can swim.

A So B Because C And

10.( ) ____it often ______in London?

A Does; rain B Is ;rain C Does; rains

V Read and write.(连词成句)

1.how do wash often your you face


2.library we quiet in should the be


3.be don't noisy


4.I for to summer swim go want a in


5.the weather what is in like autumn


VI.Choose and write.(选择填空)

note in walks runs model good helps

Candy is a ______ girl.She wants to be a _____student,too.That night,Candy reads a ____ from Koko.Every day Candy ______the teachers._______ the playground,she throws rubbish in the bin.In the corridors,she ______and never______.She help the young students ,too.

Unit 9 Festivals 单元练习题


1、吃巧克力蛋________________ 2、watch boat races _______________

3、拿压岁钱 _________________ 4、go ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ _______________

5、收到礼物__________________ 6、Christmas Day __________________

7、在春天 __________________ 8、go straight ____________________

9、龙舟赛 __________________ 10、at Easter ______________________


( )1、What does he do at Easter? He __ chocolate eggs.

A、eat B、eats C、eating

( )2、What do you do ____ Easter?

A、of B、in C、at

( )3、When’s Easter? It’s ____ Spring.

A、in B、on C、November

( )4、My favorite festival is Halloween. It’s in _____

A、October B、September C、November

( )5、Christmas Day is ____ December 25.

A、in B、on C、at

( )6、What do you do at Christmas? We _______.

A、buy new clothes B、get presents C、get lucky money


( )1、你喜欢万圣节,你应该说:

A、I like Halloween. B、I like Easter. C、I like Christmas. ( )2、老师问你问题时候,你不知道,最有礼貌的说法是:

A、No. B、I cannot. C、Sorry. I don’t know.

( )3、你请别人帮忙时,应该说:

A、Can I help you. B、Can you help. C、I can help you. ( )4、你问哪路和去飞机场,你应该说:

A、Sorry. B、Excuse me. C、I help you.

( )5、你问别人复活节干什么,应该说:

A、What do you do on Easter? B、What can you do on Easter?

C、What do you do at Easter?


We have many holidays in a year. New Year’s Day is in January. Chinese New Year’s Day is in February. We like this Festival, because we can put on new clothes and eat dumplings(饺子) and get lucky money. Easter is in spring. Children’s Day is on June 1st. We can sing and dance. The Dragon Boat Festival is in summer. Teacher’s Day is on September 10st. National Day is on October 1st. Halloween is on October 31st. Christmas Day is on December 25st. We can get many presents. We have a lot of fun in the holidays.

( )1、How many festival are there here? There are ______.

A、nine B、ten C、eleven

( )2、The fifth festival is ________.

A、the Dragon Boat Festival B、Children’s Day C、Women’s Day ( )3、Which festival can we get presents? ________

A、National Day. B、Christmas Day. C、Teacher’s Day

( )4、Which festival can we get lucky money and eat dumplings? _____

A、New Year’s Day B、Chinese New Year’s Day C、Women’s Day ( )5、When’s National Day? It’s on ______.

A、September 10st B、October 1st C、October 31st

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