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Unit5 习题2-深圳版小学英语四年级下册

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I.look and write.(看一看,写一写)

1.Should not(缩写)________ 2.tooth(复数)________

3.wash (第三人称单数)_______ 4.beautiful(反义词)______

5.hot (反义词)________ 6.snowman(复数)________

7.polite(反义词)________ 8.get(现在分词)________

9.rain(形容词)__________ 10.sun(形容词)__________

IITrabslation .中英互译.

1.三好学生____________ 2.twice a day___________

3.有礼貌_____________ 4.walk in the corridors_____

5.看海报___________ 6.because____________

7.在冬天___________ 8.go camping_________

9.堆雪人___________ 10.ride a bike__________


1.She ______ (go)to school every day.

2.Pat ______(brush) her teeth _____(two)a day.

3.Look!The boy is ______(run) in the corridor.

4.You should _____(help) others.

5.Mary is ________(throw) the rubbish in the bin.

6.It is often_____(snow) in winter.

7.There are many ______(rule) in school.

8._______(no) be noisy.

9.Well _____(do),Mary.

10.Where _____(do) he _____(come)from?

VI.Choose .(选择题)

1.( )What is the weather ______ there ?

A look B like C at

2.( )She can _____kites.

A flys B is flying C fly

3.( ) I go to bed____9;30_____the morning.

A at; in B on ;in C in;at

4.( ) There is _____school today.

A some B any C no

5.( )You are ______of the______.

A student;year B Student ;Year C Student; year

6.( )______do you brush your teeth?Twice a day .

A How soon B How long C How often

7.( )It is time ____ bed.

A to B for C of

8.( ) There ____ rubbish on the floor.



A is some B are some C is any

9.( )Why do you want to go there?_____I can swim.

A So B Because C And

10.( ) ____it often ______in London?

A Does; rain B Is ;rain C Does; rains

V Read and write.(连词成句)

1.how do wash often your you face


2.library we quiet in should the be


3.be don't noisy


4.I for to summer swim go want a in


5.the weather what is in like autumn


VI.Choose and write.(选择填空)

note in walks runs model good helps

Candy is a ______ girl.She wants to be a _____student,too.That night,Candy reads a ____ from Koko.Every day Candy ______the teachers._______ the playground,she throws rubbish in the bin.In the corridors,she ______and never______.She help the young students ,too.


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