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2010-2011年PEP小学英语五年级下册 期末试卷

一、听音,选出所听到的单词。(10%) ( ) 1. A. rain B. train ( ) 2.A.skate B. sky ( ) 3. A. fall B. ball ( ) 4.A.glass B. grass ( ) 5. A. cool B. school ( ) 6.A.night B. light ( ) 7. A. March B. May ( ) 8.A.smoke B. small ( ) 9. A. swing B. swim ( ) 10.A.fly B. flight

一、听录音,选出所听到的单词。(10%) ( B. )1. train ( A. ) 2. skate ( A. )3.fall ( B. ) 4. grass ( B. )5. school ( A. ) 6.night ( B. )7. May ( B. ) 8. small ( A. )9. swing ( A. ) 10. fly

二、听句子,为图片标上序号 10%






二、听句子,为图片标上序号 10% 1. ----When is your birthday? ----My birthday is in February. 2. ----When do you go home? ----I go home at 6:10. 3. ----Are you having a picnic? ----No, we aren't. We are doing an experiment. 4. ----What are they doing? ----They are fighting. 5. ----Which season do you like best? ----Summer. Because I can swim in the river.

三、听句子,选出恰当的词填空。(10分) when where what how much how many 1、_____________ birthdays are there in May? 2、_________ is your birthday? 3、I like that dress. _____________ is it? 4、___________ season do you like ? Summer. 5、__________are you doing ? Jumping .


三、听句子,选出恰当的词填空。(10分) 1、How many birthdays are there in May? 2、When is your birthday? 3、I like that dress. How much is it ? 4、Which season do you like ? Summer. 5、What are you doing ? Jumping.

四、听小对话,选择正确的答案 10% ( C ) 1. When does Amy clean the room on Sundays? A. In the morning B. In the afternoon C. In the evening ( B ) 2. When does Ann eat breakfast? A. At 6:00 B. At 6:30 C. At 6:40 ( B ) 3. What are the twins doing? A. They are running. B. They're climbing. C. They are fighting. ( B ) 4. Why does Tom like winter? A. He can eat ice-cream. B. He can go skating. C. He can play football. ( C ) 5. What season is it in June in Beijing? A. It's spring B. It's fall C. It's summer . 四、听小对话,选择正确的答案 10% 1. M: When does Amy clean the room on Sundays? W: She cleans the room in the evening. 2. M: When do you eat breakfast, Ann? W: I eat breakfast at half past six. 3. M: What are the twins doing? W: They are climbing. 4. W: Why do you like winter, Tim? M: I can go skating. And I can make a snowman. 5. M: What season is it in June in Beijing? W: In Beijing, it’s spring from March to May. Summer is From June to August. 1.C 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.C

笔试部分(60%) 五、找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,将序号写到前面的括号里。(5%) ( C )1.A. summer B. fall C. season D. spring ( D )2.A. first B. fourth C. twentieth D. twelve ( B )3.A. July B. Jane C. Feb. D. August ( D )4.A. jumping B. eating C. swimming D. swing ( B )5.A. lunch B. piano C. dinner D. breakfast


January March June October December

Christmas Day National Day C

hildren’s Day Tree-planting Day New Year’s Day

七、选择正确的答案。(10%) ( A ) 1.________ do you get up? At 6:30.

A. When B. What C. Why ( A ) 2. There is a call ____ you. A. for B. on C. at ( B ) 3. Which season do you like best? A. I can swim. B. I like summer. C. I don’t like summer. ( C ) 4. He ________like winter. It’s too cold. A. do B. don’t C. doesn’t ( C ) 5. August is the __________month of the year. A.eight B. ninth C. eighth ( C ) 6. June 1st is ___________. A. New Year’s Day B. Army Day C. Children’s Day ( C )7. What are you doing now? I ____ my homework. A. doing B. am going to do C. am doing ( A)8. Tom is ________an e-mail. A. writing B. writeing C. writting ( C )9. ________they catching butterflies? No, they________. A. Is; isn’t B. Are; are C. Are; aren’t ( B )10.Where is Zhang Peng? He’s _____the woods. He’s______ pictures. A. in; take B. in; taking C. on; taking

八、情景交际。(10分) ( B) 1、打电话时想知道对方是谁,应该如何问: A. Who are you ? B. Who is that ? ( B) 2、打电话时说:“我是小明”。该如何说: A. I am Xiaoming. B. This is Xiaoming . ( A) 3、告诉他人“一年有四个季节。”如何说: A. There are four seasons in a year. B. There are four months in a year. ( A) 4、我的生日是一月一日,用英语怎么说: A. My birthday is on January first. B. My birthday is in January first. ( A) 5、“你正在做什么?”如何表达: A. What are you doing? B. What do you do ?

( A ) 6 、What is your father doing ?如何回答: A. He is writing a letter. B. He is a teacher. ( B )7、What is the emergency number (急救电话)in Canada ? A. 110 B. 911 ( B)8、“你想问今天是几号”该如何说: A. What day is today? B. What’s the date? ( B )9、“新年是什么时候”怎样表达: A. When is Children’s Day? B. When is New Year’s Day? ( A )10、询问他人“为什么喜欢夏天”应该如何说: A. Why do you like summer? B. Because I can swim in summer.

九、连词成句(10%) 1. class you do When English have (?) ____________________________________________________________ 2. hiking often go I weekend on the (.) ____________________________________________________________ 3. he making is snowman a (?) ____________________________________________________________ 4. May too sister’s in birthday My is (.) ____________________________________________________________ 5. reading Dad in bedroom newspaper is the (.) ___________________________________________________________

九、连词成句(10%) 1.When do you have English class? 2.I often go hiking on the weekend. 3.Is he making a snowman? 4.My sister’s birthday is in May ,too. 5.Dad is reading newspaper in the bedroom.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

(A) Mike: Hello. This is Mike. Is that Wu Yifan? Wu: Yes, this is Wu Yifan. What are you doing, Mike? Mike: I'm watching TV. What ar

e you doing? And how is everybody doing? Wu: Just fine. I'm doing the dishes. My father is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother is sweeping the floor. And my brother is playing chess with my sister. Mike: What do you do on the weekend? Wu: I visit grandparents and go shopping. Mike: Do you want to go to the nature park? Wu: Sure. What time? Mike: At 1:30. Wu: OK. See you later. Mike: Bye. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。 ( F) 1. Wu Yifan is watching TV and Mike is doing the dishes. ( F) 2. Wu Yifan's father is writing an e-mail in the bedroom. study ( T) 3. Wu Yifan visits grandparents and goes shopping on the weekend. (T ) 4. Wu Yifan’s sister is playing chess. (F ) 5. Wu Yifan wants to go to the Children's Park at 1:30 with Mike.

? (B) ? Look! What a big nature park! There are many animals in it. Can you see the tigers, lions, pandas and kangaroos? The tigers are walking. The lions are sleeping. One panda is eating., the other one is playing. And the kangaroos are jumping. They are so happy. ? B. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) ? ( T)6. There are many animals in the nature park. are ? ( F )7. There aren’t any pandas in the nature park. ? ( T )8. I can see the lions are sleeping now. walking ? ( F )9. Can you see any tigers? Yes. They are running. ? ( T )10.What are the kangaroos doing? They are jumping.

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