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( )1. I get up _______ about seven fifty -five .

A. in B. on C. at

( )2. Why are you looking at _______like that?

A. I B. mine C. my

( )3. I want _______ a map of China .

A. buy B. is buying C. to buy buying

( )4. Is it a picture ______ your school ?

A. of B. to C. and

( )5. Do you like _______ ?

A. swim B. swimming C. are swimming too

( )6. The man ______ a book in his hand is my uncle .

A. and B. of C. with

( )7. Who's the lady ______ blue ?

A. in B. on C. at

( )8. We usually stay _____ home ____ Saturday afternoon .

A. at…in B. at…on C. in…at

( )9. A: It's a white shirt , is it yours ? B: No, ____ is yellow .

A. I B. my C. mine

( )10. ______ any men in the room ?

A. Is there B. Are there C. There aren't isn't

( )11. The bed ______ the right is yours .

A. on B. in C. at D. for D. me D. am D. with D. swim, D. for D. with D. on…on D. me D. There D. of

( )12. Look at _______ picture .

A. one B. the one C. first

( )13. These books are my _______ .

A. students B. students's C. students' of

( )14. My parents often tell me ______ your family .

A. about B. from C. for

( )15. ______ any food in the fridge ?

A. Are there B. Is there C. Have

( )16. English.

A.her,her B.she,her C.her,she

( )17.How many are there in your school?

A.woman teacher B.women teacher

C.woman teachers D.women teachers

( )18."Are you ,we are brothers."

A.twin,twin B.twins,twins

C.twins,twin D.twin,twins

( )19. A.by a bike B.by his bike C.on his bike

( )20. A.you,he and I B.you,I and he

C.he,you and I D.I,you and he

( )21.There's "u" in the word "use". D. the first D. students D. by D. Has D.she,she D.on bike

A.a B.an C.the

( )22. A.What's B.How many C.How

( )23.bus.

A.English B.his C.Japanese

( )24.--"Thank you very much." ".

A.That's right. B.Thank you.

C.Oh,yes,all right D.That's all right.

( )25.name is Polly.

A.Its,Its B.It's,Its C.It's,It's

( )26. May ____ got a Chinese book.

A . is B . has C. have

( )27. This is Mr. Li's room. _____ room is clean.

A. He B. Her C. Him

( )28. ____ any bags in the locker.

A. There are B. Is there C. There aren't

( )29. ____ , is this Park School?

A . Pardon B. Sure C. Sorry me

( )30. I'm in _______ room.

A. he B. me C. our D.× D.How old D.he D.Its,It's D. there is D. The D. There is D. Excuse D. she

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