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About Me(第一课时)

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Module 2 Unit3 About Me

Listen again and fill in the blanks(填空).

My Face
____, ____, ____. Hair hair hair _____, _____, _____. Eyes eyes eyes I have a ______ and I have a _____. mouth nose Ears ____, _____. ____, ears ears Teeth, teeth, teeth. face All of them are on my tiny(小小的)____.

Hello! My name is Tiny Egg(小鸡蛋).

I’m only one. I’m short and fat.
I have two eyes, two ears, one mouth and one nose!

My face is funny!

Hello, my name is Linda. I’m nine. I’m tall. I’m thin. My hair long hair, one nose,small. I have is long. My nose is My mouth is big. My eyes are one mouth, two eyes And my ears arebig. too. and two ears. big My face is lovely!


My hair / nose / mouth is… My eyes / ears are… My face is...

Hello, I'm a girl. My hair is short and straight. Look at my eyes. My eyes are big and black. My nose is small. My mouth is big. Look. I'm short and thin. My friend is Kitty. Who am I ?



Hello! I’m a boy / girl.

I’m thin / short / fat / tall…
My hair / nose / mouth is…

My eyes / ears are…
My face is...

Who am I ?

1.Look at the mirroe and practice talking about yourself. 照镜子练习介绍自己。 2.Read P23. 读P23。

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