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六年级英语What are you going to do课件1

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Which magazine do you know ?
I know a magazine named … 《读者》 《 格言》 《 妙语》 《儿童大王》 《少年文艺》 《课堂内外》


Which comic book do you like? I like a comic book named…

《樱桃小丸子》 《灌篮高手》 《火影忍者》 《老夫子》 《机器猫》 《名侦探柯南》 《宠物小精灵》

Where can you see YaoMing ?

Where means 哪里,在哪里 When means 什么时候


There are many books in it.You can buy dictionary,magazine and comic books… bookstore
You can buy many fruits here. fruit stand There are many cute animals. You can buy the animals and keep them. pet shop You can buy trousers , shirt, sweat , coat, skirt in it. clothes shop

Amy:Where are you going this afternoon? Chen:I’m going to the bookstore. Amy:What are you going to buy ? Chen:I am going to buy a comic book. Amy:When are you going ? Chen:I am going at 3 o’ clock.


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