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一、 听音选择(10分)

( )1、 A. beside B. busy C.magic

( ) 2、 A. thirty B. today C.triangle

( ) 3、 A. star B.street C.Sunday

( ) 4、 A. picture B. photo C.pupil

( ) 5、 A. lunch B. live C.library

( ) 6、 A . ride B. rainy C. rain

( ) 7、 A. office B. old C. on

( ) 8、 A. want B. write C.wind

( ) 9、 A. school B . shape C.shop

( ) 10. A. uncle B. under C. up


( )1、A . I’d like some candy. B. I’d like some soup.

C. I’d like some candy. ( )2、A. There is a library in our school. B. There is a classroom in our


C. There is a toilet in our school.

( )3、A . What do you need? B. What do you want?

C. What do you see?

( )4、A . Is there a playground in your school?

B. Is there an office in your school?

C. Is there a computer room in your school?

( )5、 A. How many computers are there?

B. How many libraries are there?

C. How many toilets are there?


) )

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )


( )1、A. There are three toilets in our school.

B. There is a classroom in our school.

C. There are 50computers in our school

( ) 2.、A. It’s rainy. B. It’s me. C. It’s a book.

( ) 3、A. Yes, there is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, I am.

( ) 4、A. It’s on the desk. B. It’s a book. C. It’s sunny.

( ) 5、A. I’d like some water. B. It’s on the desk.C. I go to school at six.


( )1、 How many squares are there?

( ) 2、 Now she is on the table.

( ) 3、 We can make some soup.

( ) 4、I can’t play in the park.

( ) 5、Here are some biscuits for you.


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )


( )1. A.


( ) 2. A. B.

( ) 3.A. B.

( ) 4. A. B.

( ) 5. A. B.





3.ro__ot 4.d__nce


二、 不同类的单词。(5分)

( )1. A.rainy B. cloudy C. weather

( ) 2. A. floor B. beside C. under

( ) 3. A. shop B. school C. potato

( ) 4. A. animal B. tiger C. lion

( ) 5. A. eat


( )1. A.I’d like some meat. B.I’d like some potatoes.

( )2. A.There is a star. B.There is a circle. B. give C. Toilet

( )3. A.He has a pair of shorts. B.He has a skirt.

( )4.

A.She can jump. B.He can jump.

( )5. A. It is rainy. B.It is sunny.


( )1. I’d like some__________.

A. orange juice B. egg

C. tomato

( ) 2. There _____ six offices in our school.

A. is B. are C. am

( )3、What _____the matter?

A.am B.is C.are

( )4.I ____ a good pupil.

A.is not B.are not C.am not

( )5.What _____you like,Mum? I’d like some apples.

A.do B.would C.does

( )6.How much ______ these? 30yuan,please.

A.is B.am C.are

( )7.I have _____idea!

A.a B.an C./

( )8.Are there _________ restaurants near your home?

A.some B.any C.a

( )9.How many _______ are there? Two.

A.circles B.squres C.stars

( )10._______is the weather? It’s rainy.

A.Who B.How C.Whose

( )11.In Summer,it is ______and _______.

A.cold sunny B.hot sunny C.cool sunny

( )12.The mouse’s teeth are _______.

A.big B.sharp C.long

( )13.I need to two ______ of rice.

A.bowl B.bowls C.bottles

( )14.Where is the _______? It’s on the desk.

A.library B.school C.book

( )15.It is _______ today. I don’t like the ______.

A.rainy sun B.windy rain C.rainy rain 五选择适当的词填空,把答案写在前面的( )里。

A.is B.would C.need D.are E.a pair of

( )1. There ______ many computers in computer room.

( )2.What do you ______?

( )3.There _______ the teachers’ office.

( )4.I’d like ________ small glasses.

( )5.What _______ you like?


( ) 1.What would you like? A. It’s windy.

( ) 2. How is the weather? B. Yes, there is.

( ) 3. Is there a park near your school? . It’s on the chair.

( ) 4. Where is it? D. There are six.

( ) 5. How many circles are there? E. I’d like some eggs.


A.根据短文判断,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”,把正确的选项写在前面的( )里。

Hello,I’m Kitty.I live near Wangfujing Street.It is a busy street in Beijing.There are a lot of shops on this street.Some shops are very old.Some shops are new.Many people like to go there.

There are many good restaurants on Wangfujing Street.People can eat nice food there.I like Beijing Roast Duck.What about you?

( )1.Wangfujing Street is a busy street in Beijing.

( )2.Many people don’t like to go Wangfujing Street.

( )3.Kitty likes Beijing Roast Duck.

( )4.There is a good restaurant on Wangfujing Street.

( )5.There are many shops on Wangfujing Street。

B.根据短文选择正确的答案,把正确的选项写在前面的( )里。

Hello,I am a robot.I am spuer.Look at me. I have a big body. It is a

rectangle.My eyes are circles.My arms and my legs are rectangles.They are long.My nose is a longtriangle.On my body,you can see four other small rectangles.My mouth is not a circle.It is a squre.Am I lovy?

( )1.My eyes are _______.

A. squaes B.circles C.stars

( )2.There are _______ rectangles.

A.eight B.ten C.nine

( )3. My arms are _______.

A.a square B.a triangle C.a rectangle

( )4.My arms are _______.

A.long B.thin C.short

( )5.My mouth is ________.

A.a square B.a circle C. a star


请以“My school”为题写一篇短文

要求:1、注意大小写 2、注意标点符号

3、字数40个左右 4、书写工整正确



一. 1、 beside 2、today 3、 .street 4、 picture 5、 lunch 6、rainy 7、on 8、. write 9、. shape 10. under

二. 1. I’d like some candy. 2、There is a toilet in our school.

3、What do you need? 4、Is there an office in your school?

5、How many computers are there?

三.1. This is a box. 2. I’d like some fish. 3. I can see a circle.

4. I like hamburgers. 5. That is a carrot.

四.1. How many computers are there in your school.

2. How is the weather?

3. Is there a playground in your school?

4. Where is the ruler?

5.What would you like?

五.1、 How many squares are there?

2、 Now she is under the table.

3、 We can make some soup.

4、I can play in the park.

5、Here are some biscuits for you.

六.1.It’s a beautiful park.

2.I can play football.

3. This is a star.

4. I’d like some bananas.

5. It’s a table.

七.1. He is a pupil.

2. Look at the square.

3. It’s sunny today.

4. It’s rainy.

5.Miss Wang is in the office.

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