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五校 董微



( )1. A .office B. playground C. classroom ( )2. A .library B. toilet

( ) 3. A. book B. computer

( ) 4. A. there B. where

( ) 5. A. rabbit B. owl


( )6.A.We ’ re at home.

B. We ’ re at school.

C. We ’ re at shop.

( ) 7. A.I ’ d like some meat.

B.I ’ d like some fish.

C.I ’ d like some carrots.

( ) 8.A.How much is it?

B. How much are they?

C. How much is this?

( ) 9. A. They are thirty yuan.

B. It ’ s twenty-five yuan.

C. They are sixty-seven yuan.

( ) 10. A. We can play football.

B. We can play football with Mike.

C. We can play football together.

1 C. school C. teacher C. here C. monkey


11( ) 12 ( ) 13 ( )

14 ( ) 15 ( )


16.( )A. They are on the sofa. B. It is on the sofa.

C It is on the table.

17.( )A. Let ’ s have lunch. B. Let ’ s have supper.

C Let’s have breakfast.

18.( )A.I ’ d like some fish. B.I love fish.

C I have some fish.

19.( )A.I need a plate. B.I want to eat some cakes C I have a pen.

20.( ) A. Yes , they are. B. Yes , it is. C Yes, she is.



21 ( ) 22 ( ) 23 (


24 ( ) 25 ( )

六、判断下列译文是否正确,正确的涂"T",错误的涂”F”.(5分) 26 这是我的学校.


28 你想买点什么?

29 它在哪里?

30 天气怎么样?




31 ce


ce 35 sh

二、你能选出不同类的单词吗?(10分) ( ) 36.A.yellow B. blue C. father

( ) 37.A.classroom B. book C. pen ( ) 38.A.cake B. bread C. hot dog

( ) 39.A.rabbit B. forest C. owl

( ) 40.A.chicken B. juice C. milk


42. Here are some

43. mask is this?(who)

It's Lucy's.

(have) an orange, Jim.

四、单项选择 (15分)

( )46.What’s this?

A. It’s white. B. It’s a blackboard C.I like monkeys.

( )47.How many classrooms are there in your school?

A. It’s big. B.I can see a playground. C. There’re 24.

( )48.There some water in the glass. 4

A. is B. are C. have

( )49.There a big play ground in our school.

A. is B. are C. have

( )50.There many books in the library.

A. is B. are C. have

( )51.There a bag ,two books and there pens on the desk.

A. is B. are C. have ( )52.I a red rose.

A. is B. has C. have ( )53.I a good pupil.

A. isn’t B. am not C. amn’t ( )54.Come , rabbit!

A. on B. at C. for ( )55.There is animal school in the forest.

A. a B. an C. the

( )56.Wow! Look rabbit!

A. in B. to C. at

( )57. hair is long.

A. She B. Hers C. Her

( )58.Can you swim?

A. Yes, I can. B .No, I can. C. Yes, I can’t.

( )59.This is the office.

A. teacher B. teacher’s C. teachers’

( )60.There are many in it.

A. computer B. computers C. computer’s


( ). 61 We can run and there.

A. plays B. play C. playing

( 62.What do you for breakfast?

A. have B. do C. see

( )63.Is there a library in your school?

A. Yes, we have. B. Yes, there are. C. Yes, there is.

( )64.Is Miss Fang busy now?

A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, I am.

( )70.This is playground.

A. we B.I C. our


71.school, our, Welcome, to

72room, We, a, computer, have

73.in, a, big, our, playground, There’s, school

74.classrooms, forest, in, the, There, no,

75.your, in, What’s, school


76( )Have you got a horse? A. Yes, I have. 6

77( )Is the cat black? B. I like some water.

78 ( )What would you like? C. Yes, she has.

79( )What have you got? D. Yes, it is

80 ( )Has she got a pineapple? E. I have got a doll.


1判断正误,正确写 T,错误写 F(5分)

A man has a bird. It's very clever. Every day the man speaks to the man speaks to the bird. Hello he says. Hello the bird answers. What are you doing? Says the man. What are you doing? Says the bird. One day, the man was not at home. A thief(小偷)came in. He was taking many things. Hello the thief heard the bird's words, What are you doing? The thief was very afraid(害怕), so he did not take any ran out of the house quickly.

( )81The man teaches the bird to sing a song.

( )82The bird can say what are you doing?

( )83The man speaks to the bird every day.

( )84A policeman came into the house one day.

( )85The thief took a lot a lot of things from the man's house.

2阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确的答案。(5分) Some cats are black. Some cats are white. Some cats are blac k and white. But no cats are green. I have a mother cat. She ha s three sons and two daughters. The mother cat loves her sons a nd daughters and they love their mother very much. And she lo 7

oks after them.

( )86. Cats are .

A. black B. black and white C. A or B or C

( )87. Cats green. A. are B. are not C. love

( )88. I have .

A. two sons B. some cats C. three sons and two daughters

( )89. The sons and the daughters love very much.

A. the mother cat B. my mother C. me D. their mother's cats

( )90. Who looks after the sons and the daughters?

A. The white mother cat. B. The black mother cat.

C. The mother cat. D. No one.


91 请以“My school”为题,写一篇小作文。

要求:1 注意大小写。 2 注意标点符号。

3 字数50个左右。 4 书写工整正确。



一、playground, library, computer, there

(B A B A B)

二、1 We are at the shop.

2 I’d like some carrots.

3 How much are they?

4 They are thirty yuan.

5 We can play football with Mike.

(C C B A B)

三、1 The weather is sunny.

2 There are some stars .

3 It’s rainy day today.

4 This is a classroom.

5 The flag is rectangle.

( 5,1,3,2,4)


1 Where is the ball?

2 It’s 12 o’clock, I am hungry.

3 What would you like to eat?

4 What do you need?

5 Is this your bicycle?

B, A, A, A, B


1 This is a toilet.

2 We can run in the playground.

3 This is Mr Zhang’s office. He is busy. 4 We can read books in the library.

5 Our classroom is big.



1 This is our classroom.(F)

2 There is a big playground in our school.(T) 3 What would you like to buy?(T)

4 Where is She?(F)

5 How is the weather?(T)




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