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牛津小学英语5A Unit4测试卷

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牛津小学英语5A Unit4测试卷



一、 找出你所听到的选项。(10分)

( )1. A. some B. song C. sing

( )2. A. parent B. picture C. play

( )3. A. pumpkin B. slide C. lamp

( )4. A. building B. behind C. bathroom

( )5. A. chicken B. kitchen C. change

( )6. A. house B. horse C. mouse

( )7. A. down B. dance C. door

( )8. A. floor B. follow C. flower

( )9. A. tomorrow B. model C. together

( )10. A. mask B.make C. mouth

二、 听录音,选出正确的答句。(5分)

( )1. A. Yes, it is. B. No, I can’t. C. Yes, there are.

( )2. A. I can see 10 trees. B. There are 10 trees. C. I have 10 trees.

( )3. A. Yes, there are. B. No, I can’t. C. Yes, I do.

( )4. A. I can skate. B. I like skating. C. I like puppets.

( )5. A. Let’s go and have a look. B. Good idea.

C. No, they are not free.

.三、 听对话,选出与对话内容符合的句子。(5分)

( )1. A. Helen can dance.

B. Helen can sing.

C. Helen’s sister can dance.

( )2. A. I would like some masks.

B. I would like to buy a pumpkin lantern.

C. We would like to buy some chocolate.

( )3. A. They don’t like puppets.

B. There are 8 puppets in Gao Shan’s bedroom.

C. There are 3 puppets on Gao Shan’s bedroom.

( )4. A. I like reading.

B. I can play the piano.

C. I can play the violin.

( )5. A. There is a dog in the basket.

B. There are some apples in the basket.

C. There are no apples in the basket.

四、 听录音,完成句子,每空一词。 (5分)

1. This is a picture of Tom’s_____________.

2. Mike _________ __________model cars, but David can.

3. Are there ___________trees in the garden?

4. Shall we _________ the song now?


一、在Ⅱ栏中选出Ⅰ栏中句子的正确答语,将其序号填入括号内(8分) Ⅰ Ⅱ

( ) 1. Is there a slide? A. There’s a mouse .

( ) 2. Shall we go and play in the park? B. Good idea.

( ) 3. What’s in the cat’s mouth? C. Yes, there is.

( ) 4. Can you put a vase on your head? D. He is behind the door.

( ) 5. Where’s Ben? E. No ,I can’t.

( ) 6. Do you like flowers and trees? F. Thank you.

( ) 7. Can I help you? G. Yes ,I do.

( ) 8. Here you are. H. Some masks,please .



3、许多房间、买东西5、他的家人 6、7、 8、9、your change 、ride a bike 三、用所给词的适当形式填空,把序号填在横线上。 (7分)

1、There aren’t (A.some; B.any) sofas in the sitting-room.

2、Now ,follow (A.I; B. me),please.

3、We’re (A.have; B.having) a Music lesson.

4、They like (A.making; B.make) model planes.

5、 B. swimming).

6、Let’s B. going) and play football.

7. There is________(A.a; B. an) English teacher in the classroom.

四、选择。 (15分)

( )1.There _______ some juice in the glass.

A. is B. are C. have

( )2. They would like ______ buy a toy monkey.

A. to B. in C. of

( )3. -- How ______ are the puppets? -- Eighty yuan ,please.

A. much B. many C .old

( )4. Can you sing and dance ? A.Yes,we can. B、Yes,we can’t. C、Yes,I do.

( )5.----Are there any toilets near your school? ----_________________.

A.Yes, there are. B、Yes, there is. C、Yes, they are.

( )6. How many are there? There is one.

A. a lamp B. lamp C. lamps

( )7. I can the violin . I like the violin .

A. play, play B. playing, play C. play, playing

( )8. in the building? There are some rooms.

A. What B. What’s C. Where’s

( )9. Here ______ a box of cakes for you.

A. has B. is C. are

( )10. Listen ______ the song, please.

A. for B. to C. at

( )11. Do you like ______?

A. a dog B. dog C. dogs

( )12. The students are________ a Music lesson.

A. have B.to having C. having

( )13. Let’s play football _______Jack.

A.with B. and C. to

( )14. It’s seven o’clock________ the evening.

A. at B. in C. on

( )15. They________work on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. isn’t B. aren’t C. don’t



We _______ some ___________masks.


________ do you _________?


_________ _________ are the flowers?

4、你会滑冰吗? 不会。

________ you _________ ? No, I can’t.


There _________ any _________ in the garden.


1. There is some milk in the glass. (改为否定句)

There _________ _________ milk in the glass. 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ on the bed? 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ she _________?

4. I like horses. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ like horses ?

5. There is a picture near the desk.. (改为复数句)

There _________ _________ pictures near the desk.


1. need, else, you, do, What (?)


2. eggs, on, the, How, many, plate, there, are(?)


3. change, is, your, Here (.)


4. learn, song, Let’s, English, an (.)


5. you, can, do, What (?)



A: Can I help you?

B: I________ a vase.

A: What________do you need?

B: Some flowers, please.

How much ________ _________?

A: Forty yuan, please.

B: Here ________are.

A: Thank you.


I live in a new house now. It is big and nice. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a study, a kitchen, a dining-room and a large sitting-room. My bed room is not big. There is a bed, a desk, a chair and a bookcase in it.

There is a nice garden near the house. There are many flowers in the garden. There is a big tree beside the house. There is a swing under the tree. I like reading books on the swing. I love the house and garden.

( ) 1. The new house is big.

( ) 2. There are twelve rooms in the house.

( ) 3. There is a computer in my bedroom

( ) 4. There is a flower in the garden.

( ) 5. I like drawing pictures under the tree.



1. sing 2. play 3.pumpkin 4. building 5. chicken (CCAAA)

6. horse 7. dance 8. follow 9. model 10. make (BBBBB)


1. Are there any books in the bookcase?

2. How many trees can you see?

3. Do you like pandas?

4. What can you do?

5. Let’s go and play basketball.



1. What can you do, Helen? I can dance.

2. Can I help you? We need some chocolate.

3. What’s in GaoShan’s bedroom? There are 3 puppets.

4. Do you like playing the piano? Yes, I do.

5. Are there any bananas in the basket?

No, there aren’t. There are some apples in it.



1. This is a picture of Tom’2. 3. 4. 一,听录音,选出你所听到的单词.(10分)

( ) 1. A. say B . swing C. song

( ) 2. A.come B. some C. same

( ) 3. A. glue B. blue C. balloon

( ) 4. A. cake B. Coke C. cold

( ) 5. A. clap B. clean C. kate

( ) 6. A.thirty B. thirsty C.thirteen

( ) 7 A. sad B. tired C. afraid

( ) 8. A.hamburger B.angry C.hungry

( ) 9. A. .a clock B clock C. o

( ) 10. A. peak B. pair C. bear 二,听录音,选出正确答语.(5分)

( ) 1. A. She’s hungry. B. Yes,she’s hungry. C. She

( ) 2. A. I have some candles.

B. We need some candles.

C. They need some candles.

( ) 3. A. Don’t cross the road.

B. Cross the road.

C. Don’t leave rubbish.

( ) 4. A. They’re sixty boys in our school.

B. There are sixty boys in our school.

C. I can see sixty boys in our school.

( ) 5 A. You like making a cake.

B. You are making a cake.

C. You can making a cake.


( ) 1. A. What do you want for your lunch?

. B. What do you want for your birthday?

C. What do you want for your party?

( ) 2. A. She gets up at half past seven

B. He gets up at half past seven.

C. He gets up at half past eleven

( ) 3. A. Can I have some juice?

B. Can I have some sweets?

C. I can have some juice.

’clock ’s sick.

( ) 4. A. I want a hamburger

B. He want a hamburger

C. He wants a hamburger .

( ) 5. A.They have got some glue and some paper.

B. They have got some tape and a pair of scissors.

C.They have got some felt pens and some paper.

一.抄写句子,注意大小写及标点( 5分 )

一What do you want for your birthday I want a car

———————————————————————————————— 二,请你选择正确答案.(10分)

( ) 1. She’s ________ a picture in the study.

A. writing B. drawing C. looking

( ) 2. This is ________ classroom. That’s ________ office.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; a

( ) 3. Tom ________ a toy car. Tom’s parents ________ two cars.

A. have; has B. have; have C. has; have

( ) 4. Are you thirsty? We’ve got some ________for you.

A. hamburgers B. milk C. sweet

( ) 5. Kitty’s birthday is ________Saturday.

A. at B. on C. in

( ) 6.________ shoes do you like?

A. Where B. When C. Which

( ) 7. Here________ some paper.

A. are B. is C. were

( ) 8. -What ________ she want ?

-She wants a violin.

A. do B. does C. has

( ) 9. -What ________ I doing?

-You ________ playing the guitar.

A. am; / B. /; are C. am; are

( ) 10. -________ are they singing

-They’re singing in the music room.

A. What B. Where C. Who












1. Look! The_________________________ (校车) is coming.

2. My sister needs_________________________(一把剪刀) .

3.Please put the rubbish into the __________________________(垃圾桶)

4. They’re in the_________________________(森林公园)。

5. Let’s go to the _________________________(超市)。

6. The new _________________________(游泳池) is so cool.

7. We need a new_________________________(铅笔盒)。

8. We _________________________(追赶) mice.

9. I want some juice, some Cokes and two _________________________(汉堡包)。

10.We should _________________________(喝)some water.


1.We want some sandwiches.(用he代替we)


2.We get up at half past six.(对黑体部分提问)

3.My birthday is on the fourth of January.(对黑体部分提问)


4.Tim is making a cake at home.(对黑体部分提问)


5.Tom needs some cakes.(对黑体部分提问)



Mary is a little girl. She is only five years old. She is not at school. She doesn’t know how to read or write. But her sister Joan is a schoolgirl. She is ten. She knows how to read and write.

One day, Joan sees her little sister in the room. She is at the table. There is a pencil in her hand. She is writing. “What are you writing, Mary?”She asks.“ I’m writing to my friend, Rose.”“ But how can you do it? You don’t know how to write.” Says her sister. “Well,” says Mary,“ It doesn’t matter. Rose doesn’t know how to read, either.”

( )1. Is Mary a schoolgirl

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t.

( )2. Who can read and write

A. Mary B Joan

( )3. What’s in Mary’s hand

A. There’s a pen. B. There’s a pencil.

( )4. What’s Mary doing

A. She’s drawing. B. She’s writing to her friend.

( )5. Can Rose read and write

A. No, she can’t. B. Yes, she can.

It is Su Hai and Su Yang’s birthday (生日) today. All their friends are in their home. They are having a birthday party together.

All: Happy birthday to you, Su Hai and Su Yang. These presents (礼物) are for you.

Su Hai and Su Yang: Thank you very much.

Su Hai: Which box is for me This one or that one

Mike: The red one.

Su Hai: What is in it Let me open it and see. Oh, a music box! How nice! I like it very much. I’ll put it on my desk.

Su Yang: So, the green box is for me. Let me have a look.

Yang Ling: Wait a moment (等一下). Please guess (猜).

Su Yang: All right.

Yang Ling: It is fat and lovely. It has two black eyes and two black ears. It looks like (看起来像) a bear. We all like it very much. What is it

Su Yang: I know! Its a toy panda!

Yang Ling: You’re right. Hope (希望) you will like it.

Su Yang: Sure, I will.

Su Hai: Its time to have the cake. Come on (来啊), everyone!

Nancy: All right. Lets sing the song Happy Birthday together now.

All: Good idea. Happy birthday to you. …

( ) 1. The children are ________.

A. in the classroom B. in the park C. in Su Hai’s home

( ) 2. Which box is for Su Yang

A. The red one. B. The green one. C. The blue one.

( ) 3. Where will Su Hai put her present

A. In the desk. B. On the desk. C. Beside the desk.

( ) 4. What is Su Hai’s present

A. A music box. B. A toy panda. C. A toy bear.

( ) 5. Su Hai and Su Yang ________.

A. want some presents

B. like their presents

C. give some presents



一,1.swing 2.some 3.glue 4.coke

5.clap 6.thirsty 7.tired 8.hamburger9.clock10.pair

二,1. Is Kitty hungry or full?

2. What do you need

3. Look,there is the red man.

4. How many boys are there in your school?

5. What am I doing

三,1. What do you want for your party

2. He gets up at half past seven

3. Can I have some juice?

4. He wants a hamburger .

5, They have got some felt pens and some paper.

参 考 答 案


一,B, B, A, B, A, B ,B,C,B,B

二,A, B, A, B, B, B

三,C,B,A,C,C 笔试部分

二,B A C B B c B B C B

、 词组翻译

1.一只花瓶和一些花________________ 2. 南茜的鸭子 _________________

3.听音乐___________________ 4. 一些出租车司机 ______________

5. 海伦和她的父母 __________________ 6. 吃个冰淇淋漓_________________

7. 一只老虎面具 ____________________ 8. 举行万圣节晚会 ______________

9. 一张苏州地图 ___________________ 10. 星期天早上___________________

二、 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. She is _______ good friend. ( I )

2. This is ________ toy doll. ( Helen )

3. They like ______ basketball after class. ( play )

4. Are there _______ plates in the cupboard. ( some )

5. Have some _________ , please. ( strawberry )

6. _______ you _______ pigs? ( like )

7. Li Lei and Lin Tao _______ classmates. ( be )

8. A swing is between the ________. ( tree )

9. _______ ( not open ) the box.

10. She ________ ( have ) a new bike.

11. There are many ______ ( child ) in the computer room.

12. Can the boy __________ basketball? ( play ) Yes, they like ___________ basketball. ( play ) 13. My ________ are engineers. ( parent )

14. ____________ there any water in the bottle? (be )

15. ___________ flowers are very nice. ( this )

三、 根据中文提示,补全句子。

1. 你喜欢游泳吗? 不, 我不喜欢。我喜欢溜冰。

__________ you ________ __________ ? No, I _________. I like _____________.

2. 我喜欢草梅。 我也是。

I like ___________________. __________ __________ .

3. 格林先生和他的一家喜欢去公园。

Mr Green and _______ ________ like _______ _________ to the park.

4. 你会做木偶吗?不, 我不会。我会做猪面具。

_________ you __________ a puppet? No, I ________. I can ______ a ________ ___________.

5. 王海在他卧室里吗?

__________ Wang Hai ________ _________ bedroom?



____ there ____ computer rooms ____ the building ? _______, there ______

2. 在你的房间里有什么? 有一个沙发在床边上和一个台灯在桌子上。

_________ in your ______________ ? There’s a ________ beside the bed, and there’s a ________ on the desk .


The ____ can _____ , but the _________ ________ . She can _________ .


________ do you _________ ? I like ____________ very much .


I can ________ and I ______ _________ , too .


( ) 1. How many reading rooms ______ in the building?

A. there are B. are there C. there is D. is there

( ) 2. All the students are back _____ school . A. to B. at C. in

( ) 3. Now boys and girls ,___ me , please . A. make B. learn C. follow

( ) 4. The bedroom is ______ the sitting room . A. at B. on C. near

( ) 5. It is ________ of the new term.

A. first day B. the first day C. a first day

( ) 6. Where _____ the music room ?

A. am B. are C. is D. ’s

( ) 7. There’s a map ____ China on the wall .

A. of B. on C. in D. from

( ) 8. Can you put a bike on your head? __________ .

A. Yes, there is B. Yes, I can C. Ok.

( ) 9. Are there ______ pictures on the wall?

A. some B. a C. any D. an

( ) 10.What do you like ? ___________.

A. I can sing B. Yes, I can C. I like skating

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