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汽车区实验小学王洋 6A

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( )1. A .flower B. fruit C. family

( ) 2.A .May B .market C .money

( ) 3.A .special B. September C. sunny

( ) 4.A. blue B. busy C. best

( ) 5.A. festvial B .family C. February


( )1.A. New Year B. New Day C. new teacher

( ) 2.A. leave B. arrive C. visit

( ) 3.A. stay there B. stay here C. stay at home

( ) 4.A.would be B. will be C. won’t be

( )5.A.enough B. not warm C. wear

三、听录音,判断,一致的画T,不一致的画F .(5分)

1. ( )

2. ( )

3 ( )

4. ( )

5. ( )


( )1.Thousands of people go to the flower markets. They buy beautiful flowers only.

( ) 2.It’s the first day of Chinese New Year.

( ) 3. Which festivals do you have?

( ) 4. We will visit our grandparents.

( ) 5.We will have a special dinner at home.

( )6.Hamburgers are bad for us.

( )7.Fruit and vegetables are good for him.

( )8.It’s bad for children to eat much ice-cream.

( )9.The child saw many vegetables in the fridge.

( )10.Hamburgers,sausages are good for children’s healthy.

五、 听录音 ,根据问句选答语(5分)

( )1.A.Hainan B.Guilin C.Beiing

( )2.A.Three days B.Three men C.Four boxes

( )3.A.Two hundred yuan B.Twenty C.Thirty boys

( )4.A.Thank you. B.Sorry C.Yes,mum

( )5.A.By plane B.Take some pictures C.Stay at a hotel

六、听句子,判断下列译文是否正确。一致的画T,不一致的画F (5分)






笔试部分 (70分)


1.l 离开 ve 到达 m 博物馆 st 八月

5. s_l_d 沙拉 te 最喜欢的豆奶lte 巧克力

cken鸡肉 煎饼

二.按要求写单词 (5分)

1.east(反义词) 2.leave(反义词)

3.go (过去式) 4.see(同义词)


( )1.i like potatoes best That’smy favouite_______.

A.fruit. B.food Cdrink

( )2.We can buy eggs at the________section.

A.dairy products B.frozen food Cvegetables

( )3._______they going to visit City Park next week?

A.Do B.Are C.Does

( )4.Which do you like_______,beef,prawns of fish?

A.good B.better

,( )5.Do you like Coke or coffee?

I like Coke, but I never have____-___of it.

A.too much B.not enough C.too many

( )6.My grandpa can___different kinds of sandwiches. They are delicious.

A.makes B.make C.making

( )7.It’sfebruare and it’s cold and___.

A.rain B.raining C.raing

( )8.There are three____of apple juice on the table.

A.cartons B.bags C.slices

( )9.The boy is_______.he can look after him self .

A.old enough B.enough old C.not old enough

( )10.Have you______a picture?

Yes, I have.

A.done B.drew C.drawn

( )11.W哈特爱热有going to have for dinner_______?

A.last night B.tomorrow C.this moring

( )12.Drawing Pictures1.Is that a(n)_________?Yes,it is.

A.activiyy B.lentertainment C.sport

( )13.Danny_____footboll very much.

A. likes play B. like to play C. doesn’t like to play.

( )14.There are_________days in February in a leap year.

A.29 B28 C.30

( )15.If you go to Guilin. You can go __________a river trip. A。in B.on C.with


1.Yao Ming is good at playing (football,basketball)

2.Kowloon is (south,north)of Hong Kang Island.

3.My friend lives in Sydney (Canada,Australia)

4.The pine apples from Thailand are (the dearest,dearer)of all.

(On,In)Friday the students have two P.E.lessons


1.Look!The have caught many big fish.(fish)

2.It’s cold.The people wear a lot of 3.My mother looks because she has lost a wallet.(happy)

4.The weather today is good for 5.Please go to the (teach)


Where, Which, When, How much, How many,

1. one do you like best?

2. will you go this afternoon?

3. did you finish your work yesterday?

4. boys are there in your class?

5. money have you got now?

八、按要求改写句子(5分) 就划线部分提问)

will they visit their grandmother?

2. Kitty has a new coat.(改为一般疑问句)

Kitty a new coat?

3. Tom likes Chinese New Year. Mike likes Chinese New Year ,too.(合成一句)

and all like Chinese New Year. (对划线部分提问)

Festival do you like?

5.We will visit Aunt May and Uncle Paul tomorrow.(改为否定句)

We visit Aunt May and Uncle Paul tomorrow.


Almost(几乎) every one likes to eat apples.Apple trees grow in every part of the world.The United States produces(出产) more of this popular(受欢迎的) fruit than any other country except France. The states of Washington and New York grow the most apples. Apples are red, yellow or green.Many people like to take apples to work or to school to eat with the their lunches.Apple juice is also popular drink.

The trees in Washing offer one apple to every man, woman and child in whole world every year.


( )1.Apple trees grow all over the world.

( ) 2.The United States produces the most apples in the world.

( ) 3.Many people like to eat apples with their lunches.

( ) 4.Washington and New York grow the most apples.

( ) 5.Few people like to drink apples juice in America.


以我的学校为题,写一篇小短文,要求语言通顺,内容连贯,词数不少于40个。 My school


一.1. festival 2money 3special 4best 5 family

二.1.She is a new teacher.

2.I will visit Beijing.

3.They are going to stay at home.

4.They will be astronauts.

5.Please take enough money.

三.1.He is a cook.

2.He can ride a bike.

3.Please have some apple juice.

4.I like meat.

5.My father is a policeman.

四.1.Thousands of people go to the flower markets. They buy flowers and beautiful trees.

2. .It’s the first day of New Year.

3. Which festivals do you have?

4. We will visit our grandparents.

5.We will have a special lunch at home.

6.Hamburgers are bad for us.

7.Fruit and vegetables are good for him.

8.It’s bad for children to eat much ice-cream.

9.The child saw many vegetables in the fridge.

10.Hamburgers,sausages are good for children’s heal

五.1.Where is Tiananmen Square?

2.How long will you stay there?

3.How much is it?

4.Don’t make noise.

5.How do you go to Beijing?

六.1.Let’s go to the park.

2.How much did you spend?

3.Is there much water?

4. a small carton of milk

5. I like soya milk.

一 、A C B C A

二、B A A B C

三、T T F T T

四、F F T T F T T T T T

五、A C B A C

六、F F T T T

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