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(陕旅版)四年级上册Unit4 Unit4 When Do You Have Classes?

producer; Hu Bowen

At six in the morning ---------get up

At eight in the morning-------have a slass
At twelve at noon-------------have lunch At four in the afternoon------play games At seven in the evening-------watch TV

At nine in the evening---------go to bed

get up

have a class

have lunch

play games

watch TV

go to bed

? We get up at _________. ? We have lunch at_________.

When do you get up/have lunch?
? We get up at six. ? We have lunch at twelve.

? When do you ...? ? get up /have a class/have lunch/play games/watch TV/go to bed….. ? We/I …at…

When does he get up?
? He gets up at six. ? get单三形式gets.
? go单三形式goes ? have单三形式has

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