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***县2012年小学毕业生毕业水平检测英语试卷 (满分100) 一、英汉互动。(45分) A.将下面的词或词组翻译成英语、写在{ }里30分) 鸡{ } 鸭{ } 鱼{ } 猪{ } 狗{ } 猫{ } 企鹅{ } 熊猫{ } 亚洲{ } 非洲{ } 北美洲{ } 太平洋{ } 大西洋{ } 水牛{ } 斑马{ } 大象{ } 长颈鹿{ } 东北虎{ } 狼{ } 羚羊{ } 鳄鱼{ } 书包{ } 钢笔{ } 游泳{ } 花样滑冰{ } 排球{ } 足球{ } 艺术体操{ } 日本{ } 美国{ }。 B. 将下面的词或词组翻译成汉语(15分) 1. a beam of light 2. a blast of 3. a burning desire 4. a dime a dozen 5. a last resort

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Amy: Hi, Chen Jie!1__________________________?

Chen Jie: It’s Friday.

Amy: Oh, let’s go to the zoo this weekend.

Chen Jie: I’m sorry. I’m going to visit my aunt this weekend.

Amy: 2_____________________________________?

Chen Jie: No, I didn’t. I went to the nature park last weekend. I took many

pictures there.

Amy: Oh, really? 3_____________________________?

Chen Jie: Yes, of course. Here you are.

Amy: Wow! Beautiful. But 4_____________________________? Chen Jie: Let’s go there next weekend, OK?

Amy: OK . 5_____________________________________?

Chen Jie: What about riding a bike?

Amy: OK.

A: What’s the date today?

B: Are you going to visit your aunt?

C: Did you visit your aunt last weekend?

D: How are we going to the zoo?

E: Can I have a look ?

F: What day is it today.

二、 补全对话, 选择正确答案的编号在横线上 三、 阅读,选择正确的答案,并把字母编号写在括号里(10分)

( 1 )

Zhang Ming is a student. He usually goes to school on foot. This morning he went to school by bus because he got up late. Li Dong is Zhang Ming’s classmate and he didn’t go to school. He went swimming yesterday and had a cold. The doctor asked him to take some medicine and stay in bed. So he has to stay at home for a few days. After school, Zhang Ming and his classmates are going to buy some flowers and visit him .

根据短文,判断正误,对的写“T”, 错的写“F”

( )1. Zhang Ming goes to school on foot every day.

( )2. Li Dong had a cold because he went swimming last weekend. ( )3. Zhang Ming didn’t go to school because he had a cold .

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( )4. Li Dong’s classmates are going to buy presents for him .

( )5. Li Dong is in the hospital now.

( 2 )

Mrs Harris lives in a small village. She has one son. He is 21 and his name is Geoff. He worked in the shop in the village and lived with his mother, but then he had new work in a town and went and lived there. It was very far from his mother's village, and she was not happy about this, but Geoff said, "There isn't good work for me in the country, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in the town and send you some every week." Mrs Harris was very angry last Sunday. She got on a train and went to her son's house . Then she said to him, "Geoff, why do you never make a telephone to me?" Geoff laughed and said. "But, Mother, you don’t have a telephone." she answered, "I don’t have, but YOU have one!"

( ) 1. Where does Mrs Harris live? A. In the town B. In the country

( ) 2. Where did her son work ?

A. In the town B. First in the village, then in the town

( ) 3. How did Mrs Harris feel when her son went to the town?

A. Happy B. Unhappy

( ) 4.Why was Mrs Harris angry?

A. Because she didn’t have a telephone. B. Because Geoff didn’t make a telephone to her

( ) 5. Who has a telephone? A. Mrs Harris B. Geoff

四、短文选词填空(共10空,每空1分) took, visited, and go, dancing, having, take, went, danced )

It’s sunny today. I am ______ a picnic in the park with my friend. Look! Chen Jie is catching butterflies. Tom and Sarah are singing and ______ under a big tree. Last week we _______ to Dongguan city. We _______ Center Square, climbed Huangqi mountain and________ many pictures. Summer holiday is coming. We don’t _______ to school. I am going to _______ a trip ______ my parents. We are going to Shanghai . We are going there by plane ____ July 12th. We will ________ a good time there.

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1. A: _____________________________________?

B: They went to Xi’an by train .

2. A: ___________________________________________?

B: No, Miss Li is a Chinese teacher.

3. A: ______________________________________?

B: He is 80 kg.

4. A: ___________________________________________?

B: No, my mother went to Shanghai by bus.

5. A: ___________________________________________? B: They are going to the library with her mom at 8 a.m.


图上有几个人?她们是谁?上个星期天天气如何?她们在哪里干了什么?她们心情如何? 不少于五句话。


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