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A. looks, with B. look, with C. looks, to

( ) 15. ----Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him. How

I.按要求写词。(10’) tall is Ted? A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm

1. Foot (复数 2. older(反义词) III.交际配对。从B栏中选出合适的答语填到题前括号里。(15’) 3. bigger (反义词) 4. taller (反义词) 柳桥中学六年级英语月考试卷

5. take some medicine(英译汉) 6. failed the math test(英译汉)

7. get the flu(英译汉) 8. 愤怒的(汉译英)

9. 头疼(汉译英)

10. 感冒,伤风(汉译英)II.选择最佳的答案。(15’)

( ) 1. Chen Jie is sick.. She ___ tired.

A. look B. looks C. likes

( ) 2. I ____ a earache. A . having B. has C. have

( ) 3. How _____Sarah feel? A. do B. is C. does

( ) 4. Jim is 40 kg. Tom is 38 kg. Tom is ________ than Jim.

A. taller B. thinner C. heavier

( ) 5. My arm A. is hurt B. hurt C. Hurts

( ) 6. You look sad today. –Yes, ______________.

A. I’m going to have a party. B. I failed the Chinese test.

C. I have a new T-shirt.

( ) 7. I’m l year ________ than Tom.

A. older B. old C. oldes

( ) 8. Look at the picture. This is ______.

A. my B. mine C. me

( ) 9. The sperm can _______ into the deep cold water.

A. diving B. to dive C. dive

( ) 10. You ’re taller than me.

A.6 cm B.6 m C.6 mm

( ) 11. There is a football match Class 1 and Class 3.

A. between B. in C. behind

( ) 12. ---How are you, Mike? You look so________.

----It's raining outside. I can't play football.

A. tired B. excited C. sad

( ) 13. –How _______ is your room?

–My room is 10 square meters.

A. long B. tall C. large

( ) 14. Amy very sad. What’s wrong her?

A B ( ) 1. Does she teach math? A. I am 160 cm tall. ( ) 2. How tall are you? B. It’s about 10 minutes by bike. ( ) 3. How do you feel? C. Over 1 kilometer high. ( ) 4. How much is your T-shirt? D. Yes, she does. ( ) 5. How high is that mountain? E. He has a headache. ( ) 6. What day is it today? F. It's Wednesday. ( ) 7. How far is it from your home to your school? G. 78 yuan. ( ) 8. Is she playing the violin now? H. Yes, she is. ( ) 9. What’s the matter with Mike? I. I’m sorry to hear that. ( ) 10. I failed my English test. J. I feel sick. Ⅳ. 句型转换。(15’) 1. My nose hurts. (变为一般疑问句) 2. My throat is sore. ( 写出同义句) 3. How long are your legs? ( 请根据实际情况回答问题) 4. How do you feel? ( 用he 改写) 5. Mary has a fever. ( 对划线部分提问) Ⅴ.用所给词的适当形式填空。(15’) 1. I’m 3 kg than her. ( heavy ) 2. How (old)is Lucy? —She is 12. She is one year than me. ( old ) 3. That tall building is 105 meters . ( high ) 4. Is this ——No, it’s . ( Sarah )

5. I like this red T-shirt much ( good ) than the yellow one.

6. How ( long ) is the monkey’s tail?

( it ) tail is about 40 cm long.

7. I’m ( go ) on a big trip.

8. My apples are ( big ) than

9. What’s the matter? —My leg 10. Do you ( have ) a sore throat?

Ⅵ. 看图,回答问题。(10’)

1. Who is taller than John? 2. 3. What does she do on the weekends?

4. How do you go to Hangzhou ?

5. What is Mike going to do this weekend?


In some countries, people think that red is an angry color. They say that an angry person ―sees red‖.

In China, red can be a happy color. We wear red clothes at Chinese New Year, and give money in red envelopes(封套). Some people say that the New Year monster(怪兽), Nian will run away when he sees red. Red makes him worried and feared(害怕的). What do you think about red? Is it a happy color, or an angry color?

Many people think that bright colors like red, yellow and orange make people feel excited.

How about you? In America, there is a kind(种) of music named ―The Blues‖. Blue songs are often sad. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, so some people think it is a color which makes people feel calm(平静的). Does blue make you feel calm? Or does it make you feel sad? ( )1. Red is an angry color. ( )2. In China, green can be a happy color. ( )3. Bright colors make people feel excited. ( )4. Blues songs are often happy. ( )5. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. Aunt Bear is going to make a big cake. She wants someone to help her. ―Hi, Zoom!‖ says Aunt Bear, ―Come and help me make a cake, please.‖ ―Sorry, Aunt Bear. I’m not feeling well today. I have a toothache.‖ Zoom answers. ―Zip, can you help me?‖ ―Sorry, I’m not very well. I have a headache.‖ Zip says. ―Monkey, what about you?‖ Monkey answers, ―No, I have a fever. My throat is sore. I think I have a cold.‖ Aunt Bear has to make the cake by herself. Zoom, Zip and Monkey play happily outside. When they walk back home, they are hungry and tired. Aunt Bear comes out of her house to greet them. ―Hello, children. I’m sorry you don’t feel today. You should eat well and go to bed early. Come and share my big cake. Zoom, Zip and Monkey feel their face go red. 1. What’s Aunt Bear going to do? 2. What’s the matter with Zoom? 3. What’s the matter with Zip? 4. What’s the matter with Monkey? 5. Do you think they are ill?

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