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六上Lesson 7 Christmas Gifts

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Lesson 27 Christmas Gifts

department store

A big department store.


are Danny and Li Ming doing in a big department store?

They are shopping for Christmas gifts. ?Where are Santas? In department stores.

? These

pencils are green. This apple is green. These are green things

I want to buy something red. I want to buy something special.
No1, thing 和 something的意思是什 么? No2, “小老师”来领读。


am going to buy good things for my family. ? I am going to buy something funny for my son. ? I am going to give a big, new thing to my cousin . ? I am going to give my friends something special.

小组合作探究: ? What would you like for Christmas? I would like……? (Would you like……?) ? What are you going to give your family?


would like funny

things .

Class closing closing Class
What have you learnt in this class? 这节课你学到了什么?

shop for


want to do sth. 想干某事 buy sth. for sb. buy sb. sth. 为某人买某物 Come on!
快点 ,过来 给某人某物

give sth. to sb. give sb. sth fun 名词 funny 形容词
圣诞节快乐 特别的东西

Merry Christmas something special

I am going to give them something special .

Are you going to give them something special ?

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