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Good morning


My name is wangxue.I'm thirteen years old.I come from Wuzhi Tanhuai Middle School.I'm in Class One,Grade Seven.Today my topic is"my family".

I have a big and warm family.Do you want to know my family? Now,let me tell you.There are six people in my family.They are my grandparents,my father,my mother,my brother and I.

My grandparents live in a big village.And My parents and I often go to visit them.They are very happy when they see us.They often cook delicious food for us.And My grandparents are kind.They are both eighty years old.They both like Beijing opera.Do you want to know whatthey are doing now? Guess! They are listening to Beijing opera.

My parents are very busy every day.My father is a docter.He is fat. I think he is a good docter. Because he works very hard. He gets up very early every day.He looks very tired when he gets home. he likes reading newspapers. he usually reads it after dinner. So he gets lots of news.My mother is an English teacher. She isn't tall or short.My mother teaches lots of students.She sometimes warm and friendly , but she sometimes is very strict with me .What are they doing? Well,they are sleeping now.

My brother is a student too. He is handsome and he studies very hard.He does well in all subjects.He always helps his classmates with some problems.After school,he often plays basketball with his friends.On weekends,he usually studies at home .And he often says"Time is more important than money."

I am a girl.I'm not beautiful but I'm lovely.I study very hard.My favorite star is Jackie Chan.Because he can do Chinese Kungfu very well.I want to be a singer.So I like singing very much.And I like swimming very much,too.In summer,I usually swim with my family.And I am playing computer now.

My family and I have a dog. The dog is very smart.He can dance and walk on two legs.My family and I all love him.

I love my family very much. How about your family?My topic is over.Thank you very much.

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