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2013年秋学期第一阶段学情调查 六年级英语 听力部分(30分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听两遍)(10分) ( )1. A. little B. letter C. litter ( )2. A. glass B. grass C. class ( )3. A. sign B. sing C .swing ( )4. A. note B. not C. lot ( )5.A.ask questions B. some questions C. keep quiet ( )6.A. blow out B. blue socks C. my blouse ( )7.A.June B. July C. juice ( )8.A.his coat B. his costume C. in costumes ( )9.A.third B. forth C. first ( )10.A. present B. parent C. puppets 二、听录音,选择正确的应答。(听两遍)(10分) ( )1.A. It’s four. B. It’s Sunday. C. It’s the second of March. ( )2.A. My birthday’s on the second of January. B. Her birthday’s on the fifth of February. C. His birthday’s on the third of December. ( )3.A. she is ten. B. It’s Mother’s Day C. Tomorrow is her birthday. ( )4.A. Yes, I would. B. Yes, I’d love to. C. I’d like a VCD of cartoons. ( )5. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, you can. C. No, I can’t. 三、听录音,填入所缺的单词。(听三遍)(10分) Hello,I’m Jack. Ben is my cousin. His birthday is on the of . He told me a lot about public signs yesterday. Now I know all the signs in the park . They _____ different things. We ______ ______ on the grass. We should ______ ______ near the bird’s cage, we _____ make _____ here. The sign on the building in the park means ‘Danger’ . We must stay away _____ it.



1.ask a lot of questions ________6. 在三月一日__________

2. No smoking ________________ 7. 什么日期 _____________

3. look around ________________ 8. 一名新学生 ____________ 4. pick up her camera 9. 放学后

5. point to the signs __________10. 谈论……

二、按要求写单词。(8分) 1. (Helen) birthday is on the first of January. 2. Tom usually (have) a birthday party at home.

3. Look! Yang Ling (draw) a picture.

4. You shouldn’t (吸烟) here. 5.Can you (make) a model plane for me ? Yes. I (make) a model plane now. 6. What the signs (mean)?


( )1.The sign means you shouldn’t photos.

A. take B. talk C. taking

( ) 2.Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to, I’d like to. B. coming, I’d like to.

C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do.

( )3.The park keeper ______ the man.

A. comes up to B. comes to up C. comes up

( )4.It’s time ______lunch.

A. to B. to have C. for ( )5. We know a lot public signs.

A. about B. for C. off D. of ( )6. What would you like a birthday present.

A. as B. for C. to D. at ( )7. There some water in the bottle.

A. are B. be C. is D. isn’t

( )8. They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her ( )9. Mary in London.

A. lie B. living C. live D. lives

( )10.Yang Ling walks to the purse and _____.

A、picks up it B、pick it up C、picks it up



_____ does the sign ____ ? It ____ you shouldn’t ___ here.


_____ touch it, please, it means‘_____’.


______ your birthday ______ _______ ninth of ______? No, ______ birthday is ______ ______.



What ______ you like______ a ______ ______?

______ you like ______ ______? No, I’d like a ______ ______.

五、 找出错误的选项,并在横线上订正。 (8分) ( ) 1. Lucy and Lily have same hobby.

A B C ( ) 2. My mother like going shopping.

A B C ( ) 3. How are you feel now?

A B C ( ) 4. Welcome back at school.

A B C.



( )1、Have some apples ,please. A.Good. Lets go.

( ) 2、Shall we buy her a present? B.No, thanks.

( ) 3、Here’s a letter for you. C. Thank you.

( ) 4、What date is it today? D.On the 1st of March.

( )5、When is his birthday? E. No, he can’t.

( )6、Can he make a card? F. It’s the fifth of May



My name is Tom.Today is my sister’s birthday.

Her name is Rose.She is eleven.All her friends are at her home. They’re Ann, Carl, Wang Bing and Li Lei. Look at these presents. They are for Rose.This toy cat is from Ann and Carl.That white bear is from Li Lei and Wang Bing. That nice bike is from her parents. Who sends(送) these red

and yellow flowers ? They are from me.

1.Is today Tom’s birthday ? 2.Who are Rose’s friends? ________________________ _______________________

3.Is the white bear from Ann and Carl? _________

4.What colour are the flowers?


5.Who sends the beautiful flowers?(2分)



Two old men live in a quiet street in Paris. They are good friends, and they often go for a walk together in the streets when the weather(天气) is fine. This Saturday they are going for a walk at the side of the river. The sun is shining. It is warm(暖和的). There are a lot of flowers everywhere, and there are some boats on the water. The two men are walking happily for half an hour, and then one of them says to the other,‘That’s a very beautiful girl.’

‘Where can you see a beautiful girl?’says the other. ‘I can’t see one everywhere. I can see two young men. They are walking towards(走向) us.’‘The girl is walking behind us.’says the first man quietly. ‘But how can you see her then?’ask his friend. The first man smiles and says, ‘I can’t see her,but I can see the young men’s eyes.’ ﹙ ﹚1. Two old men live in

A. China B. France C. England

﹙ ﹚2. It’s a day.

A. cloudy B. rain C. fine

﹙ ﹚3. There are some on the water.

A. boats B. ducks C. flowers

﹙ ﹚4. The two men are very

A. tired B. hungry C. happy

﹙ ﹚5. The girl is

A. behind the young people B. on the water

C. behind the old people



1. litter2. glass 3. swing

4.note 5. keep quiet6.blow out7.July

8. in costumes9.third 10.present


1. What day is it today ?

2. When’s your father’s birthday?

3. How old is YangLing?

4.What would you like as a birthday present?

5. Can I go in ?


Hello,I’m Jack. Ben is my cousin. His birthday is on the second of October.He told me a lot about public signs yesterday. Now I know all the signs in the park . They mean different things. We shouldn’t walk on the grass. We should keep quiet near the bird’s cage, we shouldn’t make noise here. The sign on the building in the park means ‘Danger’ . We must stay away from it.

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