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Unit 1 Public signs
The First Period

What does this sign mean? It means you shouldn’t smoke.

The new words
mean 意思是 should 应当 意指 应该

shouldn’t=should not

smoke 吸烟

The Summer Holiday is coming. Your cousin, Lucy will visit Nanjing. She is only 5 years old. Please invite her to go to Hongshan Zoo. Please teach her something about the public signs.

Look and write
Jack: Ben: Jack: Ben: There ____ a sign here. Yes. This is a public____ . What____ it mean? It’s” Danger” .It_____ you_____ stay away from it. Oh, I____ .Thank____ . Not___ ___ .

Jack: Ben:

is sign does means should see you at all


1. 跟同桌操练句型。 2. 收集并设计一些公共标志牌, 并和同学讨论其合理的放置地点、 并能说出理由。

Thank you !

Good bye!

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