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1B Unit3 Nice to meet you教案

靖江外国语学校红兴分校 刘敏

Step1. Warm up

1. 师戴Helen 头像:Good morning, boys and girls.

S: Good morning. Miss Liu.

T: NO, Look at me .Today. I’m Helen. You can say Good morning, Helen.

S: Good morning , Helen.

T: Sit down, please.

2. T: You know. I’m Helen. So Let’s sing the song ‘I’m

Helen ’ok?

师生同唱“I’m Helen ”.

师生问答:What’s your name? How are you ? (请7-8个人说) Step2.Presentation.

1. T:I have a big family. Now, Let’s look at my family photos. T: (PPT 海伦指父母照片)。Look, this is my father. This is my mother. This is Mike, my brother. Can you say hello to them ? 你们能和他们打招呼吗?鼓励学生说:“Hello”“Good morning”“How are you”.

T:因为你们和他们是第一次见面,所以我们也可以说:“Nice to meet you”.

(PPT:) “Nice to meet you”.很高兴见到你。

领读并贴五角星。Nice .to. meet .you .

T: Now .Let’s say “Nice to meet you”. together to them. T: Listen. What do they say?

(PPT声音) Nice to meet you, too.

T:当我们对别人说Nice to meet you时,别人会说Nice to meet you,too.(PPT: Nice to meet you ,too.

2.(PPT爷爷奶奶照片半个)Now, Look. Who are they?


T(PPT爷爷图及声音)grandpa. 跟PPT读

(PPT This is my grandpa)读

同理:This is my grandpa.

T: Let’s talk to them. Ok? 同理引导学生说:“Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you.” PPT并回答Nice to meet you, too.

2. T: (PPT uncle. aunt背影图). Now. Let’s look at another

picture. Oh. guess. Who is he? (PPT问号问现在uncle上方)。 T:I can help you. Look carefully.看清楚。



T: Yes.(PPT呈现uncle 照片).follow me. uncle领读并奖励。 T: Now. Let’s play the detective game.(PPT介绍规则). 同理aunt侦探游戏

T: Now. Let’s say Nice to meet you to them. Guess, what will they say?

S: Nice to meet you ,too.

Step3. Practice.

1. T: You know. I have a big family. This is my......和生一


T: (PPT点击人物消失)Now, look, Who is missing?谁没了?

2. T:Ok. You did a good job: Now. Who can be Helen.



Step4. Presentation.

1. T: Well done.做得好。老师奖励你们一段动画。

T:放第2课时 Mike和叔叔在公园里遇到了Wang Bing.迈克怎么介绍叔叔的?Wang Bing说了什么?叔叔说了什么?引导学生回答.

2. T:Now. Can you act it? You can choose anyone you like. 请


3. Now. take out your photos. Can you introduce your family to

us ? 请学生上前介绍照片并奖励。

4. T:Boys and girls. Do you love you family?

Now .Let’s say a rhyme.

PPT: (爷爷·奶奶·爸爸·妈妈·叔叔·阿姨)......I love you.

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