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一. Listen and choose. 选出你所听到句子中含有的单词或词10分 ( )1. Jim goes to Beijing ________ . A. by ship B. by subway C. by train ( )2._______ at a red light.

A. Stop B. traffic C. Wait

( )3.How can I get to the ________ .

A. hospital B. cinema C. post office

( )4.I’m going to buy a ________ .

A. post card B. magazine C. dictionary ( ) 5. Plant the _______ in the soil . A. seeds B. sprout C. plant 二.Listen and choose.(听问题,选答句)10分

( ) 1. A. Turn left then go straight. B.I go to the museum by car. ( ) 2. A. She works in the bank. B. She goes to work by subway. ( ) 3. A. He likes collecting stamps. B. He is an accountant.

( ) 4.A.She likes making kites. B. She is thin and pretty. ( ) 5.A. I’m going to buy a book.. B. I’m going this afternoon. 三.Listen and number. 听音排序 10分

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

笔试部分(70分) 四.选出不同类的一项。(5分)

( )1. A. bus B. bike C. train D. how

( )2.A.cinema B.morning C. afternoon D. evening ( )3. A. writer B. school C. teacher D. singer ( )4. A. sun B. rain C. play D. cloud ( )5. A. where B. who C. what D. hobby

五. 根据所给提示,把括号中的字母组合成合适的单词。(5分) 1、It comes from the clouds . It’s the inar )

2、He plays in the film . He is an ) 3、 ( ibek ) 4、Don’t turn right, please turn )


( do you go to Shenzhen(深圳),By bus or by car?

A. What B. How C. When ( )2. What does Miss White do? _______________

5、Put some seeds in the soil, water them , in several days ,you can see a ( a t l p n )

六、选择与图画相符的句子,并将图片的字母标号填到相对应的句( 子前面括号内。5


( ( ) 1. My father goes to work by bike every day. ( ) 2. We’re going to make a card for Sarah. ( ( ) 3. He helps sick people.

( ) 4. Let's go to the Great Wall this weekend.

( ( ) 5. My aunt is an engineer. She works in a car company.

( A.She likes English. B. She’s a teacher. C. At a school

) 3.Where does the rain come from? It comes from the


A. vapour B. water C. clouds ) 4. Does he teach English? __________

A. No,he doesn’t. B..Yes, she does. C.Yes, he is

) 5. I’m going to the ______. I want to buy some books.

A. post office B. bookstore C. hospital

) 6.She______to work by subway every day. A. go B. goes C.going ) 7.______are you going? This afternoon. A. What B. When C.How

)8. I’m going to the supermarket with my



A. at B. in C. on

( ) 9. She draws pictures.She is a_______. A. artist B. nurse C.cleaner ( )10. My hobby is playing_______violin. A. a B. the C.an 七.句子搭配。(10分)

( ) 1. Where does she work? ( ) 2. Does she teach math? ( ) 3.What’s your hobby?

( ) 4. How do you go home? ( ) 5.What does he do? 八.连词成句。(10分)

1. a is TV reporter she (.)

________________________________________________________ 2. hobby is your what ( ? )


3. to bookstore the am I going ( . )

_________________________________________________________ 4. to is next it hospital the ( . )

________________________________________ 5. do mother what does your ( ? )

_________________________________________________________ 十.根据上下文,选择正确的句子,并将字母编号写在相应的横线上。


Amy: Excuse me. __________________________? Boy: You can go to the park by bus.

Amy:_____________________________? Boy: Yes, it’s far.

Amy: ____________________________?

Boy: Go straight and you can see the bus stop on your left. Amy: ___________________________? Boy: You can take the No.12 bus.

Amy:___________________________. Boy: You’re welcome.

十一.读短文,填表格,判断句子正误,用√和╳表示。 ( 10分) Bob is an engineer. He works in a small company ,he goes to work by bike, because it’s good exercise . Jenny is an accountant, she likes working with numbers. She has a car, so she goes to work by car. Ben is a policeman, he goes to work by motorcycle. Andrew is a salesperson. He sells computers. He goes to work by subway, because his home is far from his store. Ann is a cleaner, she gets up early every day, but she likes her job, she goes to work on foot everyday, because her home is near.

( ) 1、Bob goes to work on foot, because it’s good exercise. (







numbers. ( ) 3 Ben keeps people be safe, he is a policeman. ( ) 4 Andrew works in a store, he sells computers.

( ) 5 Ann enjoys her job, her home is far away . B . 阅读短文选择正确答案。(5分)

I have a pen pal. Her name is Tina. She is thirteen. She is from Australia. She lives in the country. She is tall and strong. She likes playing chess, basketball and computer games. Basketball is her favorite sports. She plays after school every day. Usually she goes to school by bike. She will go by car when he gets up late. ( )1、Who’s Tina?________

A. She is my pen pal. B. She’s my classmate.

( )2、 Where is she from?__________

A. America B. Australia

( )3、What does she do after school?___________

A. She plays chess.

B. She plays basketball. ( )4、What is Tina like?__________

A. Strong and tall. B. Quiet and tall.

( )5、Does Tina usually go to school by bike?_________

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she goes by car.

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