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A.Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy. C. Tom is a teacher. ( )3. How does he go to school?

A. On feet. B. By foot. C. On foot. ( )4.My school is not far____ here. A、for B、to C、from ( )5. Where is your home?.


A. It’s south of the post office. B. I’m at home.C. I live in the city.

A. Can I go on foot? B. How can I get to Yongming Park?

Where is the Yongming Park?

( )7. Happy birthday. ____ A. Happy birthday.B. Thank you. C. Ok.

1. different(名词’s(完整形式. I’ll(完整形式 ( )6. ___________ You can go by the No. 15 bus..

4.he(宾格) 5. many(同义词) 6. teach(第三人称单数)

7.dive(动名词) 8.there(反义词) 9.no(同音词) 10.twelve(序数词) C.

二、 英汉互译。(10分)

1.骑自行车_________2. come from___________3. 作家____________ ( )8. _______________________? I’m going to the zoo. 4.. play a violin_______5. make kites___________ 6. get off____________ 7. 医院_______8. 明天_______9. traffic rule______ 10.等待_______ 三、改错: (10分)

1. How can the water becomes vapour? _______ 2. What does she likes do? _______ 3.he goes to Canada by plane. _______ 4.I’m go to the cinema tomorrow ._______ 5.She likes watches TV. _______ 四、单项选择,把正确的答案的序号填在前面的括号内(20分).

( )1. Does your mother wash clothes?

A. Yes, she doesn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, she doesn’t. ( )2. What does Tom do?

A. Where are you going? B. When are you going? C. What are you going to do?

( )9.Who are you ? ________________.

A. I’m little Water Drop. B. Who are you? C. I’m fine. ( )10.Where does he work?

A. He goes to work by bus. B. He works in a hospital. C. He can be a doctor.


对画线部分提问) _________________________________________________ 对画线部分提问)_____________________







4.I’m going to buy 对画线部分提问)

2. are, there, in, country, there, lights, every, traffic

_________________________________________________ 5.It is far from our school.(变为否定句)_______________________ 六、找朋友: (10分)

( )1.How can I get to the zoo? A. It comes from the vapour. ( )2.What do you do? B..My mother works in a factory ( )3.Is she an artist. C.I’m going to buy an English book. ( )4.What are you going to do this afternoon? D.Yes,they are. ( )5.What does he do? E.No,she isn’t.She’s a TV reporter. ( )6.Does he like diving? F..I like collecting stamps. ( )7.What’s your hobby? G.Yes,he does.

( )8.Where does your mother work? H.You can ride a bike there. ( )9.Where does the cloud come from? I. I’m a teacher ( )10Are they going to play chess next Sunday? J.He is a driver. 七、选词填空: (10分) a, an, do, does, teaches, by, to, riding, be,


1.Her mother is a teacher.She_____ math. 2.I’m going to__________ a doctor. 3.Is your aunt_______ accountant?Yes,she is.

4.Does Amy go to school_________ bike?Yes,she does. 5.My brother likes_________ a bike. 八、连词成句。(10分)

1.father, bike, to, by, work, does, go, your_____________________ ___________________________________________________ 3. your, where, mother, does, work_________________________ 4. go, to, your, does, teacher, how, work, English _________________________________________________ 5. the, is, where, office, post ________________________

九、阅读判断(10分) To : Sarah @ penpal . com From : Liu Yun @ penpal . com Dear Sarah ,

English must be fun ! I live in China with my mom , my dad and my little brother . My mom is an English teacher . She likes listening to music. My dad is a doctor . He likes watching TV . My little brother is only four . He likes playing with his dolls . I’m a student . I like drawing pictures and collecting stamps .

( ) 1. Where does Liu Yun live ? A. China B. America ( ) 2. Does Liu Yun like drawing pictures ?

A. Yes , she does . B. No , she doesn’t . ( ) 3. What’ s her mother’ s hobby ?

A. watching TV B. listening to music ( ) 4. Is her father an English teacher ?

A. Yes , he is . B. No , he isn’t . ( ) 5. How many people are there in Liu Yun’s family ?

A. 3 B. 4

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