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一、找出每组单词中与其他单词不同类的一项,将编号写在括号中。 ( )1. A. mine B. bag C. hers D.his ( )2. A. T-shirt B. dress C. wear D.trousers ( )3. A. clean B. blue C. red D.black ( )4. A. dropped B.bought C. run D.had ( )5. A. what B. when C. water D.where


( )1. A. cake B. apple C. plane D.name ( )2. A. boat B. home C. mother D.rope ( ) ( )4. A. boy B.point C. world D.toy ( )5. A. rice B. big C. white D.bike


1、I(名词性物主代词)_______2、you(名词性物主代词) _______

3、he(名词性物主代词) _______4、she(名词性物主代词) _______

5、wash(过去式) _______6、Sam(名词所有格) _______

7、drop(过去式) _______8、hour(同音词) _______9、come(过去式) _______

10、have(第三人称单数) _______


1、Don’t argue. ______________ 2、我的T恤衫______________

3、wash clothes______________ 4、你的爸爸______________

5、What’s the matter? ______________ 6、Jimmy的毛线衫______________

7、on the line______________ 8、她的书包______________

9、take my T-shirt______________ 10、他的帽子______________


1、_______isn’t his hat. It’s hers.

2、----______sweater is this? ----It’s Jim’s.

3、----______this your bag? ----Yes,it is.

4、This is my book.That is ______.

5、----This is Ms Smart’s coat. ----Yes, it’s ______.


( )1. ----What’s the ______? ----My pen is broken.

A. thing B. matter C. something ( )2. Did you wash ______dress?

A. Amy B. Amy’s C. Amys ( )3. Your blue sweater is ______the line.

A. in B. on C. at

( )4. She didn’t ______it.

A. wears B. wore C. wear

( )5. Did you take______T-shirt?

A. my B. me C. mine

( )6. It isn’t ______.It’s ______.

A. her,my B. hers,mine C. hers,my ( )7. ----______bag is it? ----It’s Lingling’s.

A. Who B. Whose C. What

( )8. ----Is this Jimmy’s sweater? ----No,it’s______.

A. my B. me C. mine

( )9. She ______to the museum with her father yesterday.

A. go B. goes C.went

( )10. ----Whose ______are these? ----My little brother’s.

A. pen B. books C. bag

( )11. ----Is this Sam’s bag? ----__________________.

A. Yes, it’s mine B. Yes, it’s his C. No, it’s hers ( )12. What are they going to take ______their picnic?

A. at B. for C. in

( )13. Her skirt is ______the line.

A. in B. on C. at

( )14. ----Did you water the flowers? ----____________.

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I did. C. Yes,I didn’t. ( )15. ----Is this your cap? ----No, it’s ______.

A. Sam’s B. Tom C. She


1、How is the Great Wall? A.I visited lots of places.

2、Is this your pencil? B.Oh,it’s wonderful.

3、Where’s your skirt? C、My bike is broken.

4、What’s the matter? D、No,it isn’t.

5、What did you do last Sunday? E、It’s on the bed.



______ ______ ______ ______ last week?

2、What’s the matter? (改为同义句)


3、This is (对画线部分提问)

______ cat is this?

4、Is this Tom’s book? (作否定回答)

No, ______ ______.


______ did you do last weekend?


Lingling and her friends visited Big Ben and the London Eye at the weekend. The London Eye is round and high up in the sky. It’s wonderful.They went there at ten o’clock in the morning. They went by bus there. Then they walked for one hour. There were lots of people. Amy took photos of Big Ben. Sam took a photo of the London Eye. They went home at seven o’clock.

( )1、They visited Big Ben and the London Eye at the ______.

A. Sunday B. weekend C.Saturday

( )2、They went there at ______o’clock.

A. ten B. nine C. eight

( )3、They went by ______there.

A. train B. bike C. bus

( )4、Amy took photos of ______.

A. London Eye B. Big Ben C. her mother

( )5、They went home at ______o’clock.

A. six B. seven C. eight


第一题:每题1分,共5分 BCACC



1、mine 2、yours 3、his 4、hers 5、washed

6、Sam’s 7、dropped 8、our 9、came 10、has


1、不要吵 2、my T-shirt 3、洗衣服 4、your father 5、发生什么事情了? 6、Jimmy’s sweater 7、在晾衣绳上 8、her bag 9、拿了我的T恤衫 10、his cap


1、It 2、Whose 3、Is 4、yours 5、hers


1——5BBBCA 6——10BBCCB 11——15BBBBA


1——B 2——D 3——E 4——C 5——A


1、Where did you go

2、What’s wrong?


4、it isn’t


第九题:每题2分,共10分 BACBB

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