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1.中国邮票_______________ 2. Chinese New Year ______________

3.集邮册______________ 4. a lot of fun ____________

5.一张海南岛的照片_________ 6. be together___________

7.在11月____________ 8. some coconut trees ________

9.玩的开心____________ 10. make an album with___________


we (宾格) run(ing形式)

there(对应词) these(对应词)

broke (原形) flew(原形)

know (同音词) new(反义词)

may (过去式) buy (过去式)


1. will, send, lots, for, I, your, of, you, Chinese, album, stamps

2. can, have, both, stamp, we, albums

3. four, that, need, say, things, you

4. Christmas, here, nearly, is

5. you, me, about, tell, can, Chinese, New, Year,


1. I _____________( 需要)sleep.

2. You can?t feel it,__________(根本)

3. My father ______(说) thank you .

4. Tom likes ________( 听) music.

5. Christmas is _______(在)25 th of December?


1. I?ve got a little ___ a friend.

A. in B. from C. on

2. ___ favourite season is autumn.

A. Mary B. Mary`s C. Mary is

3. Is there a letter ____me?

A. in B. from C. for

4. 1. I`ve got two letter ____ English.

A. in B. from C. for

4.2. One is from England ___ is from America.

A. the other B. another C. the one

5. We laughed ___a lot

A. in B. at C. /

6. He is going to ask ___questions!

A. you B. your C. yours

7. Dad read a book ___ Chinese history.

A. in B. at C. about

8. My trousers ___dirty.

A. is B. are C. was

9. It was ___.

A. amazing B. amazed C. amaze

10. I took photos ___ my camera.

A. of B. for C. with

11. Last Saturday we had a picnic at a place ___ Stonehenge.

A. called B. calling C. call

12. Here is a letter ___ a nice stamp.

A. in B. from C. to D. with

13. She ___some bread now.

A. eat B. eats C. is eating

14. ___ Fridays, many people est fish.

A. in B. on C. At

15. Can we be late for class? I ____ not.

A.hope B. want C. wish

六.改错: (5分)

1. I want visit the UN building.

2. My father hope me to study hard..

3. They both were students.

4. We each has an apple..

5. Let me ate a pear..

七. 按要求回答: (10分)

1. Need I come now? (做肯定回答)

2. You always send me emails. (改为同义句)

3. Need I come now? (改为同义句)

4. You can tell him about my family. (改为一般疑问句)

5. (对划线提问)


Long, long ago, there lived a young boy called John. He lived with his mother. One morning the mother went out. Before she left, she said to him: “John, while I?m away , stay near the door and watch it all the time !” She said this because there were a lot of thieves (小偷) in their country 。John sat down next to the door. A few minutes later one of his aunts came. She asked “Where?s your mother?”“She?s out,” John answered.?Oh.? said his aunt,“We?re going to visit your house. Go and tell your mother.”His aunt then went away, and John began to think, Mother said,“Watch the door all the time!” and the aunt said,“ Go and tell your mother.”He thought and thought, then, at last, he had a nice idea 。 He pulled the door down, put it on his back and went to his mother with it.

( ) 1. His mother asked him to stay near the door all the time and watch it 。 ( ) 2. There weren?t any thieves in his country 。

( ) 3. John?s brother came to visit them that morning 。

( ) 4. John went to look for his mother with the door on his back in the end 。 ( ) 5. John is a stupid(愚蠢的) boy 。

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