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一、 根据所给汉语提示,选择合适的选项将单词补充完整。 10分 ( )1、ba___room(浴室) A.ch B.sh C.th

( )2、in___ te(邀请) A.iv B.vi C.ve

( )3、l___ rn(学习) A.ea B.ee C.aa

( )4、t___ch(教) A.ee B.ea C.aa

( )5、w__sh(洗) A.e B.a C.b

二、写出所给单词的过去式。 10分

1、like( ) 2、see( ) 3、go( ) 4、bring( ) 5、want( )

6、is ( ) 7、know( ) 8、buy( ) 9、teach( ) 10、invite( )

三、写出下列动词的现在分词. 24分

play________ run__________ swim _________ make__________ go_________ like________ write________ ski___________ read________ have_________ sing ________ dance_________ put_________ see________ buy _________ love___________ live_______ take_________ come ________ get_________

stop_________ sit ________ begin________ shop__________

四、选择合适的选项填空。 20分

( )1、I want to have _____apple.

A. to B. an C. the

( )2、Li Ming often _____to school.

A. walks B. walk C. walked

( )3、These are three clever(聪明的) ______. .

A. people B. child C. man

( )4、The teacher is going to _____ a game.

A. played B. plays C. play

( )5、Liu Mei likes to ski on the _______. .

A. rain B. snow. C. snowing

( )6、The pretty girl is ______ forwards.

A. skateing B. skating C. skates

( )7、It's a cold, _____ day.

A. snowy B. snows C. snowing

( )8、How many lines make a square? .

A. Three B. Four C. Five

( )9、What is Lynn _______ ?

A. do sitting B. doing siting C. doing sitting

( )10、The dishes _____ in the sink.

A. is B. are C. /

五、连线,请帮问题找到合适的答语。 10分

1. Would you like a new car? A. December twenty----fifth

2. When is Christmas? B. Because it’s Christmas.

3. Why do you give gifts? C. I'm from Australia.

4. Where are you from? D. Seven a.m.

5. What time is it? E. Yes.

六、请在横线上填上合适的介词。 10分

1、Please take _______your shoes.

2、Walk _______ wards(向前),please.

3、The boy is putting ______ his scarf.

4、Nice ______ meet you.

5、It' far _____ Beijing.


Li Ming's Holiday

Summer holiday is coming . Li Ming is going to go to Canada .He will arrive at 5:00 on September first .He goes home June-first.

He will live at Jenny's house .He can play with his friends----Jenny、Danny、Steven and Kim .He can learn English .Mr Wood will teach him . In Canada, they have Christmas .It's a western holiday. People give gifts to each other(互相).

Li Ming likes it .He is very happy .He is eager(希望) to have his summer holiday .

( )1. ______holiday is coming .

A. Summer B. Winter

( )2.Li Ming has ______ friends .

A. four B. three

( )3.Li Ming will have his holiday in _____. .

A. China B. Canada

( )4. _______will teach Li Ming English .

A. Mr. Wood B. Mr. Zhang

( )5.Li Ming ________ Christmas .

A. likes B.doesn't like(不喜欢)







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