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pen bag

apple big apple

banana orange

oranges orange pen

hour house



1.Is it Chinese book or English book?

2.This is ring, and it is orange ring.

3.Mary is English teacher. Tom is Chinese teacher.

4.This is bike. It’s old bike.

5.Is there map on the wall?

6.7.I’d like egg.

8.It’s apple, not pear.

9.This is peach. That’s orange.

10.You have banana, but I have egg.

11.umbrella on the desk?

12.There is picture on the card.

13.I have old book.


1.I am ___(a, an)student. 2.There is ____(a, an) elephant in the zoo.

3.You are ____(a, an) good boy. 4.I have ____(a, an) orange.

5.Miss Grant is ____( a, an )ugly teacher.

6.This is _____(a ,an)new book. 7.Please take ____(a, an )umbrella.

8.Close ____(a, an ,the)door,please. 9.My father is ____(a ,an) doctor.

10.There is _____(a,an) orange on the table.

11.He gives me _____(a, an )sticker.

12.What is _____(a, an, the )biggest bird in the world?

13.I have ____orange .____orange is very sour.( a, an ,the)

14.My father is ____(a, an, the )doctor.

15._____(A ,An ,The )moon is in the sky.

16.There’s ____(a, an, the )apple on the table.

17.______(A,An,The) blackboard(黑板) in our classroom is big.

18.He likes to play ____(a,an,the)piano.

19.Monday is ____(a, a, the )first day of the week.

20.My favorite animal is ____(a, an ,the) cat.

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