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People are busy working every day. They do not have enough time to do exercise. So many people become too fat or too thin. We need to do exercise to keep fit.

There are many kinds of exercise. Bending and stretching helps us move easily. Before we play ball games or swim, we shall do bending and stretching exercise first. This kind of exercise is sometimes called warm-up exercise. Running is also good exercise. If we cannot run fast, we can jog. Jogging means running slowly. Again, before we run or jog, we must do some warm-up exercise. Also, we should not run or jog in busy streets. It is not safe and the air there is often dirty.

( ) 1. makes many people too fat or too thin.

A. Eating too much B. Drinking too much

C. Having no time to do exercise D. Doing too much exercise

( ) 2. Before we play ball games, we must first .

A. swim B. run C. jog D. do warm-up exercise

( ) 3. What does jogging mean ?

A. It means bending and stretching. B. It means warm-up exercise.

C. It means running fast. D. It means running slowly.

( ) 4. Which of the following sentences is RIGHT ?

A. People shouldn’t be busy working. B. There are not many kinds of exercise to keep fit.

C. Jogging means running quickly. D. Busy streets are not good places for running.

( ) 5. Which of the following sentences is WRONG ?

A. People have no time to do exercise because their work is very busy.

B. We can do some warm-up exercise to run fast.

C. We cannot jog in busy streets because it is dangerous.

D. We shall do bending and stretching exercise to warm-up our body before we do exercise.

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