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( )1. A. sleep B. sweep C. ski

( )2. A. where B. there C. here

( )3. A. light B. right C. night

( )4. A. with B. which C. watch

( )5. A. learn B. listen C. lesson

( )6. A. horse B. house C. mouse

( )7. A. together B. toilet C. tomorrow

( )8. A. play chess B. play cards C. play football

( )9. A. use three circles B. draw three circles C. make model planes

( )10. A. Don’t forget to open the box. B. Why don’t we watch TV now?

C. Don’t forget to open the book.


( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( ) 1. A. It’s over there. B. There’s a football. C. It’s under the bed.

( ) 2. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I like. C. No, I can’t.

( ) 3. A. It’s a circle. B. They’re circles. C. It’s a square.

( ) 4. A. He can play chess. B. He is playing chess. C. He likes playing chess.

( )5.A. He has a blanket. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he isn’t.

( )6.A. Yes, it is. B. No, there isn’t. C. No, I can’t.


This is a photo of my . In this photo, I’m my homework. My father is reading a . My grandfather is to the radio. My grandmother is

TV. My mother is playing chess her friends. My sisters are playing cards.



1.卧室 6. the new term

2.帮助 7. fly a kite

3.学习 8. ride a horse

4.给……看 9. a camping site

5.纸 10. listen to music


( )1. What’s in the building? A. Thank you.

( )2. Is there a cat in the bag? B. They have a car.

( )3. Can you clean the window? C. It’s on the second floor.

( )4. What can your mother do? D. OK.

( )5. What do your sisters have? E. Yes, there is.

( )6. What shape is the biscuit? F. No, I can’t.

( )7. Are you free now? G. It’s a rectangle.

( )8. Happy New Year, Dad. H. There’s a computer room.

( )9. Can you come and help me? I. She can draw pictures.

( )10. Where’s the library? J. Yes. I’m free.


( )1. There are notebooks on the desk. I need one.

A. many B. any C. no

( )2. ---- is the sweater?

---- fifty yuan.

A. How many; It’s B. How much; It’s C. How much; They’re

( )3.----Can you this egg your head?

----Yes, I can. Look!

A. put; in B. putting; on C. put; on

( )4. How many are there in the building?

A. classrooms B. classroom C. new classroom

( )5. ---- on the table?

----There are many things.

A. Where’s B. Who’s C. What’s

( )6. That boy can’t play violin, but he can play football.

A. the; a B. the; 不填 C. a; the

( )7. There some juice in the glass.

A. is B. are C. have

( )8. Ben is playing basketball. Let’s go and join .

A. he B. his C. him

( )9. ----What shape is your towel?

----It’s .

A. nice B. blue C. a square

( )10. ----Is Miss Li having a lesson?

---- .

A. Yes, she is. B. Yes, she can. C. Yes, they are.


1. ----Do you like (swim)?

----No, I .

2. Don’t (read) on the bed.

3. ----Can Kate (dance)?

----Yes, she can. Look, she is (dance) over there.

4. ----Do you like (sing)?

----Yes, I can (sing) many songs.

5. I’d like (draw) the dogs.

6. There (be) some milk in the bottle.

7. Let’s go and join (they).


1. they; homework; at; doing; are; home(.)

2. too; play; you; cards; can(?)

3. we; them; shall; and; go; join(?)

4. going; your; is; where; brother(?)

5. is; storybook; he; reading; perhaps; a(.)


1. ----医院里有多少个医生?


----How many

---- twelve.



---- can

----She can me with



---- are you ?

in the do? . .

---- to a camping site.

4. ----孩子们正在上一节英语课吗?


---- Are the English lesson?

----No, they’re a Maths lesson.



I live in a new house now. It is big and nice. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a study, a kitchen, a dining-room and a large sitting-room. My bedroom is not big. There is a bed, a desk, a chair and a bookcase in it. There is a nice garden near the house. There is a swing under the tree. I like reading books on the swing. I love the house and garden.


( )1. The new house is big.

( )2. There are twelve rooms in the house.

( )3. There is a computer in my bedroom.

( )4. There is a flower in the garden.

( )5. I like drawing pictures under the tree.


Mary is a little girl. She is only five years old. She is not at school. She doesn’t know how to read or write. But her sister Joan is a schoolgirl. She is ten. She knows how to read and write.

One day, Joan sees her little sister in the room. She is at the table. There is a pencil in her hand. She is writing. “What are you writing, Mary?” She asks. “I’m writing to my friend, Rose.” “But how can you? You don’t know how to write,” says her sister. “Well,” says Mary, “It doesn’t matter. Rose doesn’t know how to read, sister.”


( )1. Is Mary a schoolgirl?

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. We don’t know.

( )2. Who can read and write?

A. Mary. B. Rose. C. Joan.

( )3. What’s in Mary’s hand?

A. There’s a pen. B. There’s a pencil. C. There’s a crayon.

( )4. What’s Mary doing?

A. She’s drawing. B. She’s writing to her friend. C. She’s singing.

( )5. Can Rose read and write?

A. No, she can’t. B. Yes, she can. C. We don’t know.




1. sleep; 2. there; 3. right; 4. watch; 5. lesson; 6. house; 7. toilet; 8. play football;

9. make model planes; 10. Don’t forget to open the box.


1. A:Is there a swing near the slide?

B: Yes, there is.

2. My friends like playing football after school.

3. I can see two big pumpkins.

4. They are singing in a party.

5. Look, the dog is dancing.

6. A: Do you have a vase, Nancy?

B: Yes, I have one. You can put your flowers in it.

7. How many circles can you see in the picture?

8. A: What shape is the towel?

B: It’s a square.


1. What’s under the bed?

2. Do you have a pot?

3. What shape is the sun?

4. What is Mr. Green doing?

5. Is your father watching TV?

6. Can you ride a bike?


This is a photo of my family. In this photo, I’m doing my homework. My father is reading a newspaper. My grandfather is listening to the radio. My grandmother is watching TV. My mother is playing chess with her friends. My sisters are playing cards.

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