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一、找出下列单词划线部分发音不同的一个,将其序号填在括号里。(5分) ( )1. A.warm B. party C. after D. farm ( )2. A.make B. water C. rain D.say ( )3. A.theater B.teach C.easy D.beach ( )4. A. study

B. busy

C. cut

D.yucky ( )5. A. shoulder B.house C.mouse D. mouth 二、选出下列单词不同类的一项,填序号。(4分) ( ) 1. A.pink B.cherry C. pear D. peaches ( ) 2. A. bathroom B.classroom C. dining room D. living room ( ) 3. A. rainy B.cool C. warm D.wind ( ) 4. A.toothache B. sick C.fever D. head


(10分) 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) ( ) 5. ( )


( )1. What was the food like in Sichuan ? ( ) 2. What happened? ( ) 3. What’s the matter with Gogo? ( ) 4. Did he make models last week? ( ) 5. Will there be a garden in your house? ( ) 6.Where are you going? ( ) 7.When will the rain stop? ( ) 8.How many bedrooms are there? A. He has a cold. B. The wind blew away my hat. C.It’s spicy . D. Beijing. E.No, he read some books. F. Yes, there will. G. Four. H. On Friday. 五.连词成句,首字母已给出。(15分)

1. He’s, to, aunt, write, his, to, going, 2.this, Did, you, morning, anything, eat,. 3. are, going, you, What, to, vacation, on, to.

4. should, in, stay, He, bed, drink, and, water, some 5. be, will, There, big, three, bedrooms. 六、仔细看下列图表,然后填上单词完成句子。(20分)

1. you in Canada last Sunday? Yes, I . 2. What you do yesterday? I my bike.

3. What are you going to do on Thursday ? I am going to the . 4. Are you going to the net tomorrow? No, I’m going to some friends. 5. What will the be like on Friday? It’ll be 七、完成对话或根据中文提示完成下列句子。(20分)

1. A: What’s the matter with ?

B: She a cold. She stay in bed. 2. A:Can you on the light? B: Sure.I’ll it later.

3. My mother is cooking dinner in the .(厨房)

4. Gogo some photos with Tony yesterday morning.(拍照)

5. There (有) be a garden. But there (没有)be a nice balcony. 6. I’m going to letters to my friends. (写信)


Hello, I’m Mary. Typhoon Pelly came yesterday. There was a mess in our apartment.

We are going to clean it today.Father will clean four bedrooms and the living room. Mother

will clean the bathroom and the kitchen..I’ll help Dad clean up the rooms.My brother Bob will help Mum take out the trash. What about the balcony? Oh, we will clean it the next day. ( ) 1. Mary’s apartment was messy yesterday. ( ) 2. Mary’s family won’t be busy today.

( ) 3.Mary is going to clean the bedrooms and the living room. ( ) 4. There are four rooms in their apartment. ( ) 5.They will clean the balcony tomorrow.

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