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M3U1 Speaking部分

1. Good afternoon.

2. Are you fat?
3. What can you see? 4. Can you draw a bird? 5. Who is your English teacher?

1. What can you see? 4.Can she fly? 2. Is he old? 3. How many birds?

1. What can youIs it a cat? 5. see? 3. What canfat? do? 2. Are you you

4. Can you riad a bicycle?

I can see...It's...

1. How do you do?

2. Are you Peter?
3. What colour is your bag? 4. Do you like to swim? 5. What can you do?

1. Good evening.

2. How are you?
3. Are you old? 4. Can you fly? 5. What can you do?

1. What can you do? 5. Do you like insects? 2. Are you seven? 3. Can you draw?

4. Is it a net?

The end,thank you!

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