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1. What do you think ____the food there? A. to B. of C. for D. on 2. You'd ____make a shopping list first.

A. like B. want C. must D. better 3. How much _______ the apples? ——Ten Yuan. A. am B. is C. are D. was

A. have B. has C. having D. had 5. Would you like ____to go shopping with me? A. on B. in C. at D. to 6. ______ I help you?

A.May B.Shall C.Can D. Did 7. ______ do you like better, fork music or pop music. A.What B.How C.Which D.Where 8. ______are you from?

A. What B. How C. Where D. Which 9. He is going ______Changsha ______ train. A.to; in B. to; by C. at; on D. /; by 10. Listen! Lily is ______ in the classroom.

A. sing B. singing C. sings D. to sing 11. 当一名旅客走进宾馆时,服务员通常会对他说:

A: What would you like to drink? B: Welcome to our hotel

12. 到商店买东西时,售货员会热情地对你说到:

A: Hi, what do you want? B: What can I do for you?

13. 朋友到你家玩,你拿出水果招待朋友,这时你应说:

A: Please eat some fruit. B: Help yourself to some fruit

14. 你到朋友家玩,朋友要你再多吃点东西时,你想拒绝,应怎样说?

A: I do not want to eat B: No, thank you. I’ m full.

15. 朋友暑假要外出旅游, 你应该说:

A: Be happy B: Take some pictures and enjoy yourself. 二、连一连(每题2分,共28分)

西湖 the Bell Tower 摘花 plant trees

钟楼 like…best 砍树 dig a hole 机票 The West Lake 澳大利亚 France 最喜欢… How much is it ? 挖洞 cut a tre 多少钱? America(the U.S) 法国 Australia 美国 the Great Wall 想成为… want to be 长城 air tickets 植树 pick flowers


1、I want to be a teacher.(3分)

2、I like tigers, I like pandas, but I like dogs best. (3分) 3、Where is she from? (3分)

4、How was your trip to Guangzhou ? (3分)





1、 I Can See You

Tom has a parrot(鹦鹉). It is a nice bird. Everyday Tom says to it, “Hello! I can see you!” Soon the bird can say “Hello! I can see you!”

One day, Tom is at school. A thief(小偷) comes into Tom’s room. He wants to steal something. A voice comes, “Hello! I can see you!” The thief puts the things on the floor and runs away.

1. Tom’s bird is very _________

A. big B. beautiful C. clever 2. The bird can say________

A. Look! A thief B. Bye- Bye C. Hello, I can see you.

3. What did Tom do on that day?

A. He is at school B. He went(went:go 的过去式) to shopping C. He went to cinema.

4. ________ drove away (赶走) the thief?

A. Tom B. a policeman (警察) C. the bird

2、判断对错(根据短文内容,对 5-9题作出判断,对的填T,错的填F)。

Mary is from America. She visited Xi’an last summer. She thinks Xi’an is a beautiful city. The weather in Xi’an was a little hot. She visited many places of interest, like the Bell Tower and Qin Shihuang’s Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. She thinks people in Xi’an are very friendly. She also likes the food there, she think it is very delicious. 5. Mary is from England. ( ) 6. The weather in Xi’an is always hot. ( ) 7. She visited the Bell Tower. ( ) 8. She doesn’t think people in Xi’an are not friendly. ( ) 9. She thinks the food in Xi’an is very delicious. ( )

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