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Lesson 11 See a doctor

see a doctor

have a fever

have a cold

open your mouth

take medicine

have a good rest


see a doctor

have a fever open your mouth have a good rest

? have a cold ? ? take medicine

Listen and read

? Tom : Good morning, doctor? ? Doctor : Morning. What’s wrong with you, my boy? ? Tom : I have a headache and I feel very bad. ? Doctor : Open your mouth and say “Ah” … Oh, you have a cold. ? Tom : Is it very serious? ? Doctor : Don’t’ worry. Nothing serious. Take some medicine, have a good rest, and you’ll be well soon. ? Tom : Thanks a lot. ? Doctor : You’re welcome.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 补全单词: 1、What’s w____ with you? 2、I f___ very bad today. 3、O____ your m____(嘴巴)and say“Ah”…. 4、Oh, you have a c____(感冒了)。 5、Is it very s______(严重)? 6、You’d better t___some m_____(吃药), and have a good r____(休息). ? 7、You’ll be w___(好)soon.

? 1、掌握单词:see a doctor have a fever, ? have a cold,open your mouth ,take medicine,have a good rest. ? 2、掌握句型: ? What’s wrong with you? ? Is it very serious?(严重吗?) ? You’d better….(你最好……)

? 1、抄写单词。 ? 2、背诵对话。

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