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1.( )A.the Great Wall B.The West Lake C.the Bell Tower D.The beautiful city

2.( )A.England B.America C.Chinese D.Australia 3.( )A.supermaket B.hotel C.visiter D.shop 4.( )A.sunglasses B.sneakers C.slippers D.skit 5.( )A.duck B.meat C.chicken D.Cow 二、选择正确的词语补充句子。(10分)

1.( ) Can you tell me the way ____theGreat Wall. A.to B.for C.on D.in

2.( ) I’m going to visit the Bell Tower____ my father. A. in B. for C. with D. and 3.( ) Thank you ____having me! A.to B.with C. and D.for

4.( ) What do you think ____the food there. A.to B.of C.for D.on

5.( ) Would you like ____to go shoping with me. A.on B.in C.at D.to

6.( ) You’d ____make a shoping list first. A.like B.want C.must D.better

7.( ) ___ I help you.

A.May B.Shall C.Can D. Did

8.( )——do you like better , fork music or pop music. A.What B.How C.Which D.Where 9.( )____colour do you like?

A.How B.Which C.Where D.What 10.( )____are you from?

A.What B.How C.Where D.Which 三、选择正确的句子。(5分)

1.你想知道天气,用英语该怎么说?( )

A. How was the weather there? B.It was sunny. C.It was OK.

2.在饭桌上,主人让菜时你饱了该怎么说?( )

A.No thanks ,just a little. B.No thanks,i`m full. C.Yes please. 3.到时间该走了,你该怎样说?( )

A.You should go now. B.I think it`s time to go now. C.You`re so kind.

4.当你吃完饭告别,道谢该怎么说?( )

A.You`re welcome. B.We`re good friends. C. Thank you for your delicious food.

5.服务员问你喜欢什么颜色时会问?( )


A. What size do you like? B. What colour do you wear? C. What ahout this one.

四、 连词成句:(10’)并且把每句话分译成汉语 1. keep, I , may , how long , the book. ? 2. beautiful , the flower, is , how, ! 3. want to, I , borrow, a book, . 4. it , is , how much, ?

5. borrow, dictionary , your , I , may , ? 五、填空补充对话:(5’) A: can I( ) you?

B:I hear Sleeping Beauty is interesting. I want to( )it. A: Here you are.

A: How long may I( )the book? A: Two weeks.

B: What must I do if I can’t ( ) it? A: You must come and ( ) it.

B: Thank you. A: You’re welcome.


( )1)Would you like some water? A.Some girls. ( )2)Who are those over there? B.Red. ( )3)Thank you very much. C.Fine. ( )4)What colour are they? D.No,thanks. ( )5)How are you? E.You are welcome. 七、按要求写句子。(6分) 1、what 引导的感叹句

2、用would you like 造句,

3、 写出 Did you enjoy the trip to xi an?


Today Mum and I ------(go /went /will go)to the clothes shop to buy a shirt. We went to the better supermarket. -------(how/what) beautiful the clothes are! How happy we were! At last, Mum ----(buy/ will buy /are going to buy )a nice -----(skirt / skirts) for me, the size is small, the colour is green. The skirt is very cheap, it 55yuan.


How beautiful the skirt is! I-----(like /likes /don’t like) it very much. 书面表达,写出自己下周要和爸爸到西安的一些事


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