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1.A:_____________________________________ B.S.

2.A:Where did you buy your new pencil —box?

B:______________________________________ 3.A:_______________________________________

B:Yes, it’s snow white.

4.A:__________________________________ B:Of course. Here you are. 5.A:How long may I keep the book? B:_______________________________ A.Two weeks.

B.Excuse me,may I borrow your dictionary? C.What size do you wear ?

D.Can you tell me the name of the story? E.In the supermarket.


A. I have a headache. B.OK.


D.Mum, I feel very bad today.

E.Oh, you look ill. Let’s see the doctor.

正确顺序:6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Linda: What are you 1. to do tomorrow?

Zhang Li: I’m going to help Grandma Li do the housework.

Let’s 2. the room and mop the floor together, shall we?

Linda: All right. When and 3. shall we meet?

Zhang Li: Outside the school gate at 8 4. in the morning.

Linda: OK. See you tomorrow.

ZhangLi: See 5. .

( )1.A. going B. go

( )2.A. eat B.clean

( )3.A.who B.where

( )4.A.o’clock B.desks

( )5.A.you B.desk


What do you know about the water: seas and rivers? You may say, “I know it well. I go swimming and play in it.” Nearly all of you know these about the water. First, look at the map of the world, there is a lot of water on the earth. Second, the water in the sea is salty. Third, many kinds of fishes and plants live in the water. And last, the water in the sea can be very cold. The deeper, the colder.

( ) 6. Look at the map of the world, there is a lot of on the earth.

A. water B. land

( ) 7.The water in the sea is .

A. salty B. sweet (甜的)

( ) 8. Many kinds of fishes and plants live .

A. in the water B. on the top of the mountain

( ) 9. The water in the sea can be very .

A. hot B. cold

( ) 10. The , the water

A. deeper B. shallower (越浅的)

七、请以“Introduce my favourite animals”为题写一篇不少于30左右单词的短文。(10分)

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