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11. a big dinner ________________ 12. you are welcome________ 15.nice and delicious______________ 16.磁带__________________ 17.到时间了_________________ 18.pop music_______________ 19.favourite food_____ ______ 20.多少钱________________


1、friend (形容词)__________ 2、am/is(过去式)_________ 3、good (比较级)___________ 4、cheap(反义词)_________ 5、be going to (同义词)_________ 6. go(过去式)__________ 7、I’ll(原形)____________

8、I’ll take it(同义句)_______ 9、visit (名词)____________ 10、have (单三形式)_____________


A. haven’t get B. haven’t got C. hasn’t get

A. you B. yourself C. your

A. to have B. has C. have

A. to make B. makes C.make

A. for

B.to C. of

A. and B. or C. whit

A. Beijing

B. Xi’an C. Sichuan

( ) 8.—— Did you enjoy your trip to Wu han?

A. Yes, we do B. Yes ,we did C. Yes,we can

A. When B. Where C. How

A. go B. go to C. goes

( ) 11.用餐之后,你应该对主人表示感谢,应该说:

A. That’s all right. B. You’re welcome

C. Thank you for your delicous food .

( ) 12.起身告别,你说:“我想我该回家了!”应该这样说:

A. I think it’s time I must go home now.

B. I want it’s time I must go home now. C. I think it’s time I can go home now. ( ) 13.“它不够便宜,但我买它了”应该这样说:

A. It’s not cheap enough, but I’ll take it, B. It’s very cheap, but I’ll take it. C. It’s not cheap enough.

( ) 14.售货员问:“你穿多大型号的鞋?”应该这样说:

A. What size shoes do you wear? B. What big shoes do you wear? C. How big shoes do you wear? ( ) 15.今天我们吃了一顿大餐!应该这样说:

A. We eat a big dinner today.

B. We had a big dinner today.

C. We have a big dinner today.

( ) 16 Can you tell me the way ____the Great Wall.

A. to B. for C. on D. in

( ) 17. I'm going to visit the Bell Tower____ my father.

A. in B. with C. for D. and

A. to B. wish C. and D. for

( ) 19. What do you think ____the food there.

A. to B. of C. for D. on

( ) 20. Would you like ____to go shopping with me.

A. on B. in C. at D. to

( ) 21. You'd ____make a shopping list first. A. like B. want C. must D. better

( A. May ) 22. ___ I help you ? ( B. Shall C. Can

D. Did

A. What B. How C. Which pop music ) 23.——?do you like better, folk music or

( A. How B. Which C. Where D. What ) 24. ____ colour do you like? D. Where A. What B. How C. Where D. Which

( ) 25.____are you from?

( A. How was the weather there? )26.你想知道天气,用英语该怎么说C. It was OK.

? B. It was sunny. ( )

( )27.在饭桌上,主人让菜时你饱了该怎么说? ( ) A. No thanks ,just a little.

B. No thanks, I`m full. C. Yes please. ( )28.到时间该走了,你该怎样说? ( ) A. You should go now. B. You`re so kind .

C.I think it`s time I must go now.

( )29.当你吃完饭告别,道谢该怎么说? ( )

A. You`re welcome. B. We`re good friends.

C. Thank you for your delicious food.

( )30.服务员问你喜欢什么颜色时会说? ( )

A. What size do you like? B. What colour do you wear?

C. What about this one.



( )1.How did you come here? A.You’re welcome.

( )2.What can I do for you? B.Very delicious. ( )3.Thank you fou having me. C.By plane. ( )4.What do you think of the food there? D.Yes,I’d love to. ( )5.Would you like to go shopping with me? E.Yes,I want a CD. ( )6.What’s you name? F.It’s six yuan ( )7.Help yourself to some fish . G.Yes, please . ( )8.How much is the pen ? H. Thank you . ( )9.How are you ? I. My name is Tom . ( )10.May I come in ? J.I’m fine, thank you .


1.come it the Is first to Australia time ?

2.nice it is very

3.money here the is

4.the Great Wall of I’ll some take pictures .

5.does she size wear what

6、may How long keep the book I

7、 your did you Where buy skirt

8、having me for Thank you

9. yourselves I you

will enjoy hope here

10、the ,map,of,have,I.world.


Alice:OK! Let’s.

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