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pep小学六年级英语Unit1 9.15

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How do you go there?




on foot




● 如何询问并回答人们日常出行 乘坐某种交通工具去某地?
E g : How do you go to Canada?

I go( to canada ) by ….

John : How do you go to school, Mik Mike: I usually go to school by bike. Sometimes I go on foot. John : Is your home near our school? Mike: Yes, it is. John : That’s fine!

traffic lights

traffic lights

red light

yellow light green light

Remember the traffic rules.

?Stop at a red light. ?Wait at a yellow light.

?Go at a green light.

traffic rules
red light, red light, stop, stop, stop yellow light, yellow light, wait, wait, wait green light, green light, go, go, go

traffic rules
Stop ? _____at a red light. at ? Wait ____ a yellow light. green ? Go at a______ light .

Let’s play



left side

England Australia

right side

If you go by car , by bike or on foot,you must know the traffic rules. The traffic lights are thesame in every country.They are ……
In China and US , drivers drive on the right side. In England and Australia , drivers drive on the left side.

How can I get to Zhongshan 到达 B: Park? A You can go by the No. 15 bus. : Can I go on foot? B: 如果 Sure, if you like. But it’s veryfar. It’s not far.
A: B: Sorry, you can’t. It’s very far.
far near

1. --How _____I get to the zoo? can bike --You can go___ _____. by on foot --_____ I go to___ ______? Can Sure --______,if you like.

can I 2.--How ____ __get to the library? can by --You _____go_____ car.

( B )1. How can I_____ the bookstore? A. go B. get to C. next to ( C )2.____can I get to the zoo? A. What B. Where C. How

( B )3. Can I go on foot?_________ It’s far from here. A.Yes, you can. B. No, you can’t. C.Yes, you can’t.

(1) Crosswalk (3) No entry (5) One way

(2) No bikes (4) No left turn (6) Turn right

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