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Recycle One

Think a while
? Students think about what we have learned at the Unit1, Unit2 and Unit3.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Unit1: How do you go to …? I go to … by+交通工具. Unit2: Where is the …? It is +方位短语/方位介词+地点 Unit3: Where are you going to do? I'm going to....

by bike We sometimes go to school_______, or_________, on foot it is near because_________________.

We never go to school by …

it is not very far because_______________.

Let’s play

I go to…because... Jiangxin island by bike (江心屿) by train the USA Shang-hai by plane on foot by subway by ship

How do you go to …?

the park
the zoo the cinema

? Army: How do you go to the U.S.A? ? John: I go to the U.S.A by plane, because it is very far.

Let’ read

Stop at a red light.

Wait at a yellow light.
Go at a green light.

We must remember the traffic rules

Let’ read Q1: How do they get to the park? Q2:Where are they going in the park?

Q1: How do they get to the park?
We can go by bike! Go straight from here. Then turn right. It’s next to the hospital. Come on! Let’s go!

Q2:Where are they going in the park?

It’s not far from here. We can go to the pet shop first. Then , we’re going to ice-skate together!

After school, first, I do homework. Then, I watch TV.

listen and tick or cross.

the hospital the south gate ×


If you want to buy a pet, you can go to the pet shop at the south gate.

Guess the places
the north gate

the west gate

the east gate

at the south gate

Guess the places
post office

It’s next to the icecream cart
book store

restaurant It’s near the west gate.

bus stop

? ? ? ? ? 1. ________ ? -I go to school by bike. A. What are you going B. How do you do C. How do you go to school

? 答案:C

? ? ? ? ? 2.I go there ________bike. A. on B. to C. by D.take

? 答案:C

pet ↓ pet shop ↓ at the south gate

hurt yourself ↓ hospital ↓ see a doctor

hungry ↓ restaurant ↓ near the west gate

go out the north gate ↓ turn right ↓ the post office

take a bus home ↓ go out the east gate ↓ the bus stop

Let’s find out

Post office


Bus shop


1.如何询问和回答人们日常出行 的方式。 2.如何询问路线并做简单回答。

Write the part of "Let's read" once and translate it.

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