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小学英语三年级上册Unit1说课稿 - 用于合并

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Primary school English of grade three top volume Unit 1 Speaking lesson draft Revised in 2013

Lingshan elementary school Li Xiaoxu

A、The teaching material

The Unit 1 "Hello" is the first Unit in primary school English grade three top volume content. Before the students haven't come into contact with English, so the content of this unit to study the content of several units play a matting role

B. The teaching goal and requirements

(1). Knowledge goals, will be able to understand the situations, say Hello! Hi! Goodbey! Bye - Bye! I 'm... What 's your name? My name 's... And preliminary application in the real language environment, and can play the role, situational dialogue.

(2). Ability to target, to be able to listening, speaking, reading ruler, pencil, eraser, crayon, bag, pen, pencil - box, book, and can use English to introduce stationery. (3). Emotional goals, can understand the language classroom are exposed to a brief instruction and react accordingly. C、Teaching difficult point

Teaching material from shallow to deep, let students contact English, slowly and enjoy English. This unit for students contact English, in the initial stage of the boot.

Teaching important points: (1). Let students be able to use the most simple sentences in English conversations.

(2) the teaching difficult points: in situational dialogues on the basis of different situations, make different responses.

D、Teaching, research method

1, teaching design.

According to the characteristics of English this course itself and the grade three students' interests, by designing the specific image of the scene, I to the old with the new rolling knowledge constantly, to disperse teaching difficulty, let the students visual perception and understanding. Create several tasks at the same time, so that the students in the multidirectional communication between students and teachers for meaningful practice and practice, give full play to their initiative and cultivate their ability of learning tool. 2, research method instruction:

Guide students to gradually comprehension by using the method of comparison, observation, guess the new language features of the project, lets the student in the multi-level practice realize the necessity of learning English "use", encouraging students to actively thinking, bold attempt.

3, teaching means:

According to the teaching content, teaching goal of this lesson, students' age

characteristics and psychological characteristics, in order to better stimulate students interest in learning, thus can actively participate in learning. Using multimedia courseware in teaching, auxiliary teaching means such as pictures, abstract patterns in a vivid scene, games, not only make the learning process, natural and relaxed more can open open. E、 the teaching process

1, the warm-up (Warm up) :

Please students what they already know in real life English words or want to learn English everyday language to stimulate students' interest and desire. Teachers play the songs of this lesson \"Hello song\" recording, naturally brings greeting between teachers and students.

Teaching link:

T: Hello, boys and girls. Hello,xxx (1), through the teachers' self introduction naturally brings the Hello, I 'm... / HI, I 'm...

(2), the teacher may wear the headdress of the Sarah introduction Hello! I 'm Sarah. Introduce other characters with the same way.

(3), lets the student to the podium, wear, Sarah, Chen Jie and Mike's headdress said: Hello! I 'm...

(4), the teacher put on Wu Yifan headdress said Hi! I 'm Wu Yifan. And say hello to each other with the students wear Sarah tire, break up, and said Goodbye.

(5), listen to the tape to the teaching content.

Because it is the student of the first English lesson, so I use lively, attractive cartoons to enhance their interest in learning English. First by the child usual VCD of life are familiar with, I chose this class content related Magic English cartoons, because of the characters in the Disney Magic English, animals are the most interested in, like children, coupled with the already know English, lets the student self mining to eliminate fear and further stimulate their interest in English. So playing in high school, learning to play, let the children learn knowledge, also eliminates the fear of learning English.

2. Then introduce the key point of this unit, guides the student to say, to practice. Took out ready ruler, pencil, eraser, crayon, bag, pen, pencil - box, book.

Lift to ask:

T: teacher take out food. What is this?

S a ruler, pencil, eraser...

T: Yes, it 's ruler, pencil, eraser... .

By creating situation lets the student naturally accepting new knowledge.

3, expanding cement:

(1). Practice group. And compared with other groups PK, thus forming a positive to

participate in the atmosphere. Improve their interest in learning. It can not only strengthen the main content of this unit, but also to learn difficult content in this unit.

2). Try your best. Let the students learn the Let 's sing. Part. For team PK once again, to arouse the enthusiasm of students. Had no hope of winning team, now has a chance, don't say fail psychology will make them give full play to the potential; The winning team originally, now have a sense of crisis, let they dare not take lightly. So a competing power of competition in aeriform in again.

4, after-school Homework (Homework)

(1) Look and read

(2) to communicate in English with his family

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