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What’s the time? What’s the time? It’s seven o’clock. It’s seven o’clock. What’s the time? What’s the time?

It’s half past four. It’s half past four.

I have breakfast at half past seven. I have get up at…

I go to school at…

I watch TV at…

I do my homework at…

I go to bed at…

What time does school start? My school starts at eight o’clock.

Exercises,exercises,do exercises

Do you do exercises every morning?

Yes, we do.

before before before before nine o’clock

playground playground i n the playground

skip skip skip I like skipping.

coffee coffee coffee I like coffee.

tea tea tea I like tea.

Listen to the tape and answer the questions: (1)What time does Amy’s school start? Her/Amy’s school starts at nine o’clock. (2)What time does Amy get up? She gets up at half past seven. (3)Does Amy do exercises every morning? No, she doesn’t. (4)Does Amy skip in the playground? Yes ,she does.

? Talk about school
Chinese School

My school starts at …
We do morning exercises every morning. English School My school starts at… We play in the playground before nine o’clock.

Homework 1. Listen and read the dialogue 5 times. 2. Tell your friends what the differences between Chinese school and English school. 3. Write a letter to a foreign friend to talk about your school life.

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