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一)A Nice Girl

Li Ying likes English very much. She works hard( 学习努力). She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening. Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.

Tick or cross

( ) 1. Li Ying likes English.

( ) 2. She watches TV every evening.

( ) 3. She reads Chinese every morning.

( ) 4. All the teachers like her.

( ) 5. Li Ying is good at dancing.


6. Can Li Ying speak English? _________________________

7. Does Li Ying like drawing and singing?


8. What does she do on Saturday evening?


9. Does Li Ying often listen to the radio?



10. Does Li Ying work hard?


(二)On Sunday

It is Sunday today. The weather is fine. Mingming and

Dongdong are in the park. It is a big park. They can see many people there. They come here to have a rest (休息)after a week’s hard(辛苦的)work and study. Some boys are playing football on the grass. Some girls are singing and dancing. An old man is reading a

newspaper under a big tree. A young woman and her little son are playing with a toy bus. How happy they are!

Tick or cross

( ) 11. Mingming and Dongdong are in a small park.

( ) 12. Some boys are singing on the grass.

( ) 13. A young man and his child are playing with a toy bus.

( ) 14. There is an old man reading a newspaper under a big tree.

( ) 15. All the people in the park are happy.

Fill in the blanks.

16. People often go to the __________ to have a rest.

17. A young woman and her ____________ are playing with a toy bus.


18. It’s a _________ day today. There are ______ people in a _____ park.

19. Some boys are ________ __________ on the grass.

20. An old man is _______ a _________ under a big tree.

(三)Mr. Black

Mr. Black teaches (教授) us English this term(学期). He is a tall man. He likes wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He speaks English very well. We like his lessons(功课)very much.

His home is near the school. Sometimes Mr. Black walks to his home. He has two little sons. They look the same. They often wear the same clothes(衣服). He loves to see them and play with them. Mr. Black calls(称呼) the two boys Da Mao and Xiao Mao. Tick or cross

( ) 21. Mr. Black is our English teacher.

( ) 22. Mr. Black is very short.

( ) 23. We don’t like his lessons.

( ) 24. Maybe Da Mao and Xiao Mao are twin brothers.

( ) 25. Mr. Black can speak Chinese well.


26. Do the pupils like Mr. Black’s lessons?



27. What does Black like to wear?


28. Is Mr. Black’s home far from the school?


29. Does Mr. Black like to play with his children?


30. Does Mr. Black have a daughter(女儿)?


(四)A Clock and a Watch

We can tell time by a clock or by a watch. A clock is big; it is usually on the wall or on the table. A watch is small; we can put it in the pocket(衣袋)or wear it on the wrist(手腕)! A clock or a watch usually has a round face. It has two hands, a long(长的) one and a short(短的)one. Tom’s clock can speak and call him to get up every day. His watch has a picture of a lovely dog on the face. He likes it very much.

Tick or cross

( ) 31. People tell time by a clock or by a watch.

( ) 32. We usually put a clock in the pocket or on the wrist.

( ) 33. On the round face of a clock there are some hands.

( ) 34. We usually put a watch on the wall.

( ) 35. Tom likes his clock very much.


Fill in the blanks:

36. We can tell the time by ____ ________ or by a clock.

37. The _________is bigger than a watch.

38. A watch has two or three _________ on its _________.

39. People often put the clock ______ _______ _________.

40. Tom’s ________ can speak and call him to _______ ____ every day.

(五)A Happy Family

Mike comes from America. He is twelve. His father Mr. Brown works in a big shop in Beijing. Mike has a sister. Her name is Kate. She is only four.

It is Saturday today. Mike’s family is all at home. Mr. Brown is sitting in a chair and reading today’s newspaper. Mrs. Brown is out of the house, and she is watering the flowers. Is Mike with his mother? No, he is cleaning his new bike. Where is Kate? She is in her room. She is playing with her cat. What a happy family! Tick or cross

( ) 41. Mike’s sister is Kate.

( ) 42. Mike has an old bike.

( ) 43. Kate is playing with her toy cat.

( ) 44. Mike’s father is watching TV.

Fill in the blanks:


45. Mike has a very _________ sister. Her name is


46. Mr. Brown comes from __________. He _______ in Beijing.

47. Mr. Brown’s wife is ____________ the ___________, now.

48. There are _________ people in Mike’s family.

49. Kate’s brother is ________ his _______ .

50. Mike is _______ years old. His sister is _________.

(六)A Good Time

Today is Sunday. It is a fine day. The sky is blue. Mr. White is with his family. There are four people in his family. They are Mr. White, Mrs. White, May and Jim. They are walking on the bridge(桥)

There are some boats on the river(江、河). Mr. and Mrs. White are looking at them. May is not looking at the boats. She is looking at a big ship. Jim is looking at the birds in the sky. They have a good time.

Tick or cross

( ) 51. Today is Saturday.

( ) 52. It’s cloudy today.

( ) 53. Mr. White, Mrs. White and their children are on the bridge.


( ) 54. Father and mother are looking at the boats on the river.

( ) 55. May is looking at the boats too.

Fill in the blanks:

56. Mr. White’s family is _________ on a __________.

57. There are _________ in the sky.

58. Jim is Mr. White’s __________ . His sister is ___________.

59. Jim’s __________ are looking at the _______ on the river.

60. Is the bridge long or short, big or small? It’s _______and _______.


A bus comes to the stop. An old man gets on it. There’s no seat for him. “The boy will give you his seat,” the driver says to the old man. But the boy in the seat doesn‘t stand up. The driver looks at him. Then he says to the old man again in big voice.(更大的声音). “The boy will be glad to give you his seat!” This time the boy hears it. His face goes red. He gets up at once(立刻). The old man sits down and say to the boy, “ Thank you, my boy.”

( ) 1. The driver wants to find a seat for the old man.

( ) 2. The boy give up (放弃)his seat at last.

( ) 3. The old man is angry with the boy.

( ) 4. The boy’s face turns red because he is afraid of (害怕)the driver.

( ) 5. We should help others in public(公共)places.

Li Feng is a doctor. He is my good friend. He was back from Beijing yesterday, and he called me that he would like to have supper with me at 7:00P.M. But he didn‘t know my new address, so I told him about it and I left the key under the door mat. I worked for a long time yesterday evening. When I was working, Li Feng called me again. He said, “I’m in your home. I had some cakes and meat. I‘m watching TV now.” I asked him, “Is it easy to find my house?” He said: “Yes, very easy. But I didn’t find the key.” “How did you get into the room?” I asked. “I climbed up a pear tree beside your open window. Then came in.” “There isn‘t a tree beside my window. It’s my neighbour‘s (邻居)!” I said.


( )1. Li Feng is my good friend.

( )2. LiFeng went to Beijing yesterday.

( )3. LiFeng had some cakes and meat in my home.

( )4. I told LiFeng about it and I left the key under the door mat.

( )5. LiFeng climbed a pear tree and got into my room.

An old lady has a cat. The cat is now very old. She cannot run fast, and she cannot bite. When the old cat sees a mouse, she jumps to it and catches it, but the mouse still gets out of her mouth and runs away. Then the old lady is very angry. She begins to beat the cat. The cat says to her, “Don’t beat me. Please be kind to me. When I was young, I gave you a lot of help.”

( ) 1. An old man has an old cat.

( ) 2.The cat can‘t run fast.

( ) 3.The old lady beats the cat because it can’t bite the fish.

( ) 4.The cat asks the old lady to be kind to her.

( ) 5. The cat cannot jump to the mouse.

A French student goes to London for his holiday. He knows a little English, but he can‘t speak very well. R>

One day he goes to a restaurant. He wants to have some eggs, but he can’t remember the English word for “ egg”. He looks around and sees a picture of a hen. He shows the picture to the waiter. “ What do you call her children?” he asks. “Chicks, sir.” “ And what do you call chicks before they‘re born?” “ Eggs, sir.” “Very well,” says the French student. “ Give me two eggs and a cup of tea, please”.

( )1. An English student goes to London for his holiday.

( )2. He can’t remember the English word for“egg”.

( )3. He sees a picture of a hen.

( )4. Before chicks are born, we call them “eggs”.


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