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班级--------------姓名------------- 读英语十五分钟并签名-----------------


1.爱好 2.骑自行车 3. 跳水

4.拉小提琴 5.制作风筝 6,集邮

7.笔友 8.居住 9.教

10.观看 11.读;看 12.去二、看答句,写问句。

1. A: B: I like playing football.

2. A: B: He likes drawing pictures.

3. A: B: She likes listening to music.

4. A: B: My mother likes cooking.

6. A: B: Her father likes swimming.

7. A: ____________________________________________________?(自行车)

B: No,we go to the zoo on foot.

8.A: ____________________________________________________?

B: Yes,she does. She goes to bed at 10.


1.A: ____________________________________________________?

B: I like collecting stamps. ________________________?

A: Me too. There is a stamp show on Sunday. Let’s go together.

B: I have a friend. ________________________? Can he go us?

A: ?



(1) A. And you? B. What’s your hobby? C. Nice to meet you, too. D. Yes, she does. E .No, she doesn’t. F. Yes, he does. G. Does she like singing?

Liu Yun is Alice’s new pen pal.Now,they’re chatting(聊天) on QQ.

Liu Yun:Hello,this is Liu Yun.

Alice:Hello,this is Alice.Let’s be friends.

Liu Yun :Nice to meet you. Alice: 1 Liu Yun : 2 Alice: I like writing stories. 3

Liu Yun: I like collecting stamps. And my father likes writing stories,too.

Alice:Oh,I see.Does your mom like writing stories,too? Liu Yun: 4 But she likes reading stories. Alice: 5

Liu Yun:Yes,she does.She is a singer.She likes singing very much.


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