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The definition of the Smart Grid can be found in the Department of Energy (DOE) Vision of the Smart Grid as described in the report conducted by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) titled “AVision for the Modern Grid”. In this report the NETL stated the following capabilities must be contained within electric grids in order for them to be considered a Smart Grid. This paper will focus on reliability, efficiency and the smart grid’sability to heal itself.

A. The Grid Must Be More Reliable

A reliable grid provides power dependably, when and where its users need it and of the quality they value. It provides ample warning of growing problems and withstands most disturbances without failing. It takes corrective action before most users are affected.

B. The Grid Must Be More Secure

A secure grid withstands physical and cyber attacks without suffering massive blackouts or exorbitant recovery costs. It is also less vulnerable to natural disasters and recovers more quickly.

C. The Grid Must Be More Economic

An economic grid operates under the basic laws of supply and demand, resulting in fair prices and adequate supplies.

D. The Grid Must Be More Efficient

An efficient grid takes advantage of investments that lead to cost control, reduced transmission and distribution electrical losses, more efficient power production and improved asset utilization. Methods will be available to control the flow of power to reduce transmission congestion and allow access to low cost generating sources, including renewables.

E. The Grid Must Be More Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly grid reduces environmental impacts through initiatives in generation, transmission, distribution, storage and consumption. Access to sources of renewable energy will be expanded.

Where possible, future designs for Modern Grid assets will occupy less land, reducing the physical impact on the landscape.

F. The Grid Must Be Safer

A safe grid does no harm to the public or to grid workers and is sensitive to users who depend on it as a medical necessity.

The smart grid is not just a new form of infrastructure; it can be part of our long-term economic strategy. In addition to stimulation economic activity directly through significant new capital investment for its design, development, and construction. It will take time, both public and private resources, and coordinated economic policies to achieve the anticipated benefits of smart grid development and deployment. Illinois has seized this opportunity. Among other efforts, we in Illinois formed a public-private partnership to help position our communities, corporations, universities, and laboratories to lever-age the opportunities of this infrastructure transformation.

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