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分,共10分) June meat went dress when

sweater bought cheese February where 1、took



40分) 内容,分别从A、B、C三个选项中选出正确的Ⅰ.听录音,选单词。你将听到5个单词,请从下答案,并将它的字母标号填入题前括号内。每列每组单词中选出你所听到的那个单词,并将该组对话读两遍。(每小题2分,共10分) 单词前的字母标号填在题前括号内。(每小题1( )1、A. Yes, he does. B. No, he didn’t. 分,共5分) C. Yes, he did. ( )1、A. wheel B. wait C. well ( )2、A. Two bottles. B. Two kilos ( )2、A. chicken B. clean C. cheese C. Three kilos ( )3、A. love B. like C. line ( )3、A. Last Monday B. Last Tuesday ( ) 4、A. wear B. wait C. whose C. Last Sunday ( )5、A. careful B. wonderful C. understand ( )4、A. The London Eye B. Big Ben C. The British Museum Ⅱ.听句子,选图片。你将听到5个句子,请从下( )5、A. At 11:00 B. At 11:30 列每三幅图中选出符合你所听句子内容的图片,C. At 12:30 并将代表该图片的字母标号填在题前括号内。每 个句子读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) Ⅳ.听音配对。你将听到一段小短文,请根据短( )1、A. B. C. 文内容,把名字与对应的图片配对,并将代表 该图片的字母标号填入题前括号内。短文读两 遍。(每小题2分,共10分) ( ) 1、Sam A. ( )2、A. B. C. ( ) 2、Peter B. ( )3、A. B. C. ( ) 3、Lily C.

( )4、A. B. C.

( ) 4、Mary D. ( )5、A. B. C. ( ) 5、Jack E. Ⅴ.听短文,排顺序。你将听到一篇小短文,请 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 笔试部分 (满分60分) Ⅰ.看图认单词。请根据所给的图片,找出与它相对应的单词,并将该单词的字母标号填入图下的括号内。(每小题1分,共5分) 1、 2、 3、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 4、 5 、 ( ) ( ) A. wheel B. ice cream C. mountain D. juice E. bottle Ⅱ.单词分类。请将下列单词按照所给单词的类别分别写在相应的横线上。(每个单词1分,共10分) 2、T-shirt 3、July 4、rice 5、how

Ⅲ.单项选择。请从下列每小题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并将其字母标号填入题前括号内。(每小题1分,共5分) ( ) 1 、 —— Did you my book? —— No, I didn’t. A. took B. take C. taking ( )2、—— Where did you go last week? —— A. We went by bus. B. We went there at 7 o’clock. C. We went to the British Museum. ( )3、Daming his clothes yesterday. A. washed B. wash C. washing ( )4、That cap isn’t . It is mine. A. hers B. her C. your ( )5、There are enough pencils, but there enough pens. A. are B. aren’t C. is Ⅳ.根据句意,选择正确的疑问词填空,将其选项填在横线上。方框中有两个多余的选项。 (每 1、—— bananas do we need? —— Six. 2、—— did you go? —— Last weekend. 3、—— did you go last Saturday? —— We went to the park. 4、—— books is this? —— It’s hers.

5、—— did she do yesterday? —— She went shopping with her mother.

Ⅴ.连词成句。请把下列单词组成正确的句子,开头第一个单词已给出。(每小题2分,共10分) 1、my, dropped, ice cream, I

I . 2、cars, enough, aren’t, there

There . 3、this, letter, whose, is

Whose . 4、need, do, much, we, how

How . 5、you, a, we, postcard, send

We .



( )1、Where’s my toy bear? ( )2、How old is your sister? ( )3、Are they reading books?

( )4、What did you do last weekend? ( )5、Can Tom cook noodles?


A. Yes, they are.

B. I did my homework. C. She’s two. D. No, he can’t.

E. It’s in the schoolbag.




Cats are the family animals. Some are black. Some are white. Some are yellow. But no cats are green. The baby(幼崽) cats can’t see. They can’t open their eyes. But they can find the milk. Cats likes eating meat and fish. Cats like drinking milk. They can catch mice(老鼠). And they can catch birds, too. Baby cats are too small. They can’t catch mice and birds. But they like to play catching things.


( )1、Some cats are green. ( )2、The baby cats can’t see.

( )3、Cats like eating meat and fish. ( )4、Mother cats can catch birds. ( )5、Baby cats can catch mice.


Look!This is a photo of my classroom. There are fifty-five students in our class. You can see thirty-one girls and twenty-four boys. There is an American student in our class. Her name is Lisa. Her English is very good. We all like her. She likes singing and dancing. And she likes eating Chinese food. She can use chopsticks. We are happy together.

根据短文内容,从下列A、B、C三个选项中选择最佳选项,并将代表该选项的字母标号填入题前括号内。 (每小题1分,共5分) ( )1、This is my photo.

A. teacher B. family C. classroom ( )2、There are girls in our classroom.

A. fifty-five B. thirty-one C. twenty-four ( )3、Lisa comes from .

A. America B. England C. American ( )4、Lisa likes and A. singing, drawing B. drawing, dancing C. singing, dancing

( )5、She likes eating .

A. Chinese food B. fast food C. sea food


There are four seasons in a year(年). They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring is green. The weather gets warmer and the days get longer. People can smell the flowers and play games in the park. Summer follows(跟随) spring. It’s a hot season. Children like swimming and eating ice creams in summer. Autumn is cool. We can eat lots of fruit in autumn. Winter is cold. The days get shorter. People like to stay at home in winter.


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