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班级:_________ 姓名:__________ 计分:_________


一、Listen and choose. 听一听,选出你所听到的字母或单词。(10分)

( ) 1. A. Gg B. Jj C. Vv

( ) 2. A. Cc B. Zz C. Tt

( ) 3. A. trees B. grass C. rice

( ) 4. A. see B. tree C. sheep

( ) 5. A. these B. this C. those

二、Listen and circle. 听一听,圈出你所听到的内容图片。(10分)

1. A.

B. C.

2. A.



3. A.



4. A.



5. A.



三、Listen and choose. 听一听,选出你所听到的句子。(10分)

( ) 1. A. What are these? B. What are those?

( ) 2. A. What do you like? B. What are you doing?

( ) 3. A. They are eggs. B. They are birds’ eggs.

( ) 4. A. Are you soldiers? B. You are soldiers.

( ) 5. A. Turn left. B. Turn right.

四、Listen and answer. 听一听,选出正确的答语。(10分)

( ) 1. A. These are flowers. B. Those are flowers.

( ) 2. A. You are traffic policemen. B. They are traffic policemen.

( ) 3. A. My name is Dino. B. I’m ten.

( ) 4. A. I’m drawing. B. I like noodles and bread.

( ) 5. A. It’s a bird. B. They are birds.

五、Listen and number. 听音标号。(10分)


一、Look and Copy. 按照正确的手写体格式抄写下列句子。(10分)

1. These are flowers.

2. What do you like, Lingling?

二、Read and choose. 读句子,选择正确的答案。(10分)

( ) 1.—What are these?

—They are _________ .

A. egg B. eggs

( ) 2.—What are those?

—They are _______.

A. sheeps B. sheep

( ) 3. —Do you like milk?


A. Yes, I am. B.Yes, I do.

( ) 4. —What are we?

—You are ________.

A. soldier B. soldiers

( ) 5. —What do you like?


A. I’m drawing. B. I like milk and bread.

三、Look and match. 按英、汉对应关系找朋友(请用直尺连线)。(12分)

1. What are these? A. 这是什么?

2. What’s this? B. 那是什么?

3. What are those? C. 这些是什么?

4. What’s that? D. 那些是什么?

5. What are we? E. 你喜欢什么?

6. What do you like? F. 我们是什么?

四、Fill in the blanks. 补全单词(8分)

1. gr__ss (草) 2. m__ lk(牛奶)

3. n__ __dles(面条) 4. sh__ __p(绵羊)

五、Reading. 阅读(10分)


My name is Tom. I’m a boy. I am nine years old. I like eating bread and milk for breakfast(早餐), I like vegetables, fish and some rice. For dinner(晚餐), I like some bananas and apples. Sometimes, I have some noodles for dinner. But I don’t like dumplings.


( ) 1.Tom is a girl.

( ) 2.Tom is nine years old.

( ) 3.Tom likes noodles for breakfast.

( ) 4.Tom doesn’t like fish and rice.

( ) 5.Tom likes dumplings.


Tom has a cat. Her name is Kitty. She is two years old. She likes fish and milk. Amy has a dog. His name is Rocky. He is eight. He likes meat. Tim has a dinosaur. His name is Dino. Dino is six. He likes dumplings.


1. Kitty likes _____________________.

2. Rocky is _________ years old. He likes _____________.

3. Dino is _________ years old. He likes _____________.

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