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pep5 Unit 5 A Let's talk

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Unit 5 A Let’s talk

Closet,closet,open the closet! Curtain,curtain,close the curtain! Mirror,mirror,clean the mirror!

Trash bin,trash bin,empty the trash bin!
End table,end table,move the end table!
移 动

Air-conditioner,air-conditioner,make me cool!

The end tables are big.
The curtains are blue. The trash bin is empty. The closet is full.



is terrific.

The air-conditioner is cool.

There is a closet in my bedroom. There are curtains in my bedroom. There is a mirror in my bedroom.
There are two end tables in my bedroom.

in my bedroom

There is a trash bin. There is a green trash bin. There are 2 trash bins.

There is an end table. There is a brown end table. There are 2 end tables.

There are curtains. There are new curtains.

There is a closet.

There are four closets.

There is a mirror.

There are six mirrors.

房间里有一台空调. There is an air-conditioner
in the room.

There aretwo air-conditioners
in the room.

房间里有一个床头柜. There is an end table in the room.


There are some end tables in the room.

? Let’s try.

Let’s talk
? Sarah: I have my own room now. ? ? Chen: Really? What’s it like? ? Sarah: There is a big closet ,a new airconditioner and a new mirror. There are yellow curtains .

Make a new dialogue in pairs.
A: I have my own room now. B: Really? What’s it like? A: There is a/an… There are …

There is a mirror and an end table.

1.There are five curtains and a trash bin. 2.There is a trash bin and five curtains.


1.There is a closet and two end tables.

2.There ____two end tables are
and a closet.
. .

Unit 4 A Let’s talk

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