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一、为下列单词选择正确的字母或字母组合填在横线上。(10分) 1. m ss (思念) A. i B. e C. o 2. f k (刀叉) A. ar B. or C. ir 3. r ce (竞赛) A. i B. a C. o 4. s n (很快) A. ee B. oo C. ea 5. m t (肉)A. ee B. oo C. ea


( ) 1. A. a stamp B. stamps C. stamp ( ) 2. Please tell me more Beijing.

A. of B . about C. from

( ) 3. I’ve got books about America.

A. some B. any C. a ( ) 4. Have you got post-cards from China ?

A. some B. any C. a ( ) 5. Amy got a pet cat.

A. have B. had C. has

( ) 6. —— Hello, Sam. Pleased meet you . —— Hello, Daming. Nice meet you, too.

A. to , to B. too , too C. two two

( ) 7. I’ve got two pen friends London.

A. for B. from C. with

( ) 8. We fly the kite the park .

A. at B. on C. in


1. 例:I ofen play computer games at the weekend .

(I, play table tennis , on Sunday )

2. 例:She likes swimmimg .

( he , running )

3. 例:There are too many people in the room.

( pupils , in the playground )

4. 例:Daming has got a toy car .

( Linling , a doll )


A. hasn’t/hasn’t B. haven’t/hasn’t C. haven’t/haven’t

( )38. ____ snakes like music? A. Do B. Does C. Are

( )39.She likes________. A. go swimming B. swim C. swimming

( )40.I watch TV from Monday to Sunday, so I______watch TV.

A. always B.sometimes C. often


Teacher: , class.

Class: Good morning, teacher. Teacher: Who’s on duty today? Mary: .

Peter: Is everyone here today? Mary: . Tom is not here. Tom: . I am late, Miss Green. Teacher: That is all right. Come in ,please.

Tom: , Miss Green.

47. like, he, doesn’t, fish (.)

48. come back, you, when, will (?)



Look at the picture of my family. My father is tall and thin. He is a math teacher. My mother is very beautiful. She is a music teacher. She likes singing and dancing. My grandparents are very old. They are at home. They do housework every day. I’m a schoolboy. I study very well. My family is a happy family.

( )51. There are five people in my family.

( )52. My parents are teachers.

( )53. My mother can’t sing and dance..

( )54. My grandpa and grandma are not young.

( )55. I am a student.


A Beautiful School

Tom and Jack are school boys of No.7 Middle School (中学). They are in Class 2,Grade 1. Their school is big and beautiful.

There are eight big houses and forty rooms in the school. Some are for the students. Some are for the teachers. In the school, there are many flowers and trees. They like their school very much.

Near the school, there is a big park. Every morning, many people go to the park.

( )56.What class are Tom and Jack in ? A. Class One B. Class Two C. Grade One

( )57.Is the school beautiful? A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. It’s small.

( )58.How many rooms are in the school? A. 8 B. 14 C. 40

( )59. What’s near the school? A. A shop. B. A park. C. A school. ( )60.There are many_____in the school. A.trees B.flowers C.trees and flowers

A)单项选择从A、B、C选项中选出一个最佳的选项,并将其字母标号填入 题前的括号内.

( )31. How much is the pen? A. Five B. $5 C. Five o’clock

( )32. How many do you want?

A. kite B. colas C. juice

( )33. When are we going to eat the A. In the park. B. At half past twelve C. Over there

( )34. is the weather in Beijing?

A. How B. Who C. Where

( )35. It’s going in Tianjing.

A. be snow B. snow C. be snowy


Waiter: Can I help you?

Lucy: (36)

Waiter: How many hot dogs do you want?

Lucy: ( 37 ) And I want some juice.

Waiter: (38)

Lucy: Two bottles of juice.

Waiter: That’s four hot dogs and two bottles of juice.

Lucy: Thank you. ? (39 )

Waiter: It’s eleven dollars.

Lucy: Here is the money. Thank you!

Waiter: . (40 )


A man is going to see his friend. He takes some sandwiches with him because his friend’s home is very far. On his way(在路上), he says to himself(他自己), ”My friend is going to give me a very good lunch.” Then he throws(扔) the sandwiches away. He goes on and comes to a river. There’s no boat on the river. He can’t cross it. He starts to go home. He is hungry now. And

he trys to find his sandwiches. “ Oh, my god. A dog is eating the sandwiches.” He quickly goes up, but the dog runs away. He is still hungry and he goes back home.

( )46. The man’s friend’s home is not far.

( )47. He takes some sandwiches on his way

( )48. He can’t find a boat on the river

( )49. The man get his sandwiches at last. ( )50. The man does not meet his friend.


Mike comes from America. He is twelve. His father, Mr. Brown, works in a big shop in Beijing. Mike has a sister. Her name is Kate. She is only four. It is Saturday today. Mike’s family are all at home. Mr. Brown is sitting in a chair and reading today’s newspaper. Mrs. Brown is out of the house; she is watering the flowers. Is Mike with his mother? No, he is cleaning his new bike. Where is Kate? She is in her room. She is playing with her cat. What a happy family!

51.Where does Mr. Brown work?

52.What is Mrs. Brown doing?

53.How many people are there in the family?

54.Is Kate playing with the dog?

55.Who is reading today’s newspaper? 单项选择

( ) 1 _______ is the hot dog ? It’s two dollars .

A How B How many C How much

( ) 2 The smarts are going have dinner _________six o’clock .

A in B at C on

( ) 3 The weather tomorrow ,it will ______ in Beijing .

A be windy B is windy C windy

( ) 4 When are we going to eat ? __________

A At twelve B In twelve C It’s twelve

( ) 5 ______ did you play football yesterday ? In the park .

A What B Where C When

( ) 6 Lucy and Lily ____visit their grandparents tomorrow .

A is going to B going to C are going to

( ) 7 The birds are singing ______ the tree .

A on B in C at

( ) 8 Simon’s mother is buying thing _____ Daming .

A for B to C of

( ) 9 Does Amy want a hamburger ? ________

A Yes ,she doesn’t B No ,she does C Yes ,she does .

( ) 10 The boys are playing _football and the girls are playing

flute .

A the the B x the C the x

( ) 11 The ducks are ______ our picnic now .

A eating B eat C ate

( ) 12 How many _____ are there in the picture ?

A sheep B sheeps C sheepes

( ) 13 Can you run fast ? _______

A Yes I do B Yes ,I am C Yes ,I can

( ) 14 Happy birthday to you . _________

A Happy birthday to you B Thank you C You’re welcome

( ) 15 It is snowing now ,the children are _______ outside .

A swimming B playing basketball C making snowman


1、a hot dog , I , please want


2、want, eat ,to you , do , what ?


3、are going to , have a picnic , we , in the park


4、snow , is going to , in Harbin , it


looking , the window , out of, I am



Daming is having a birthday . Simon is making a birthday card for him .Simon’s mother is buying thing for Darming .Daming is playing the taumpet .Amy is playing the flute ,and Sam is playing the drums He is having a great birthday .

( )1 Who is having a birthday party ?

A Simon B Daming C Amy

( )2 What is Simon doing ?

A making a card B playing the trumpet C playing the flute

( )3. Who is Simon’s mother buying thing for ?

A Amy B Simon C Daming

( )4 How many people are there at the party ?

A four B five C six

( )5 Is Daming having a birthday party ?

A I don’t know B No he isn’t C Yes , he is


1. Dragon boat festival

2. Picnic

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